Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation in the Boonies

Following is a re-cap of our vacation last week when my side of the family stayed at a cabin in the woods.  I'm feeding it through Like Mother, Like Daughter's Thursday collection of links.   
We were in driving distance of Chautauqua, NY, so we went.  It was a perfect day, a perfect tiny town.  My husband wants to live there.

I snapped these photos to study those canvas porch hangings.  I think my Victorian porch could benefit from them.

The Chatauqua library was having a $5 bag sale.  I kid you not.  I am lugging a sack of gorgeous old books.
My children were so thrilled with this vacation.  So much water!  So many creatures (too many in the lodge for the adults' liking).  So much dirt!  So many sweets and eating all the time!

Can you guess what she's doing?  My poor little deprived city kid is fishing. She is the daughter of non-fishers and apparently, non-borrowers because I'm sure we know somebody who would have loaned us a fishing rod.
She did eventually catch a wiggly little salamander. Which my husband helped her google later (no cell service in the boonies) and discovered it was a newt.


This was a hunting camp cabin down the road.  Apparently I fit right in.  (In fairness, I think I was pretty even-keel on this vacation).


Rebecca said...

Glad your city fisher caught something with that super cool contraption! Looks like a fun vacation!

Visiting from P,H,F,R~ have a great day!

Jennifer Jo said...

That's the camp for me! Heck, that's the camp FOR MY WHOLE FAMILY.

BLD in MT said...

What fun!! Oh, that last photo made me smile.

jenny_o said...

That sounds like my idea of a perfect vacation - lots of people you love, lots of food, lots of new things to see but in a quiet locale.

Love the Camp Moody picture! Hah!

What did the function seem to be of those canvas porch hangings? To keep out the sun?

Rosie said...

That town looks beautiful! I love Victorian houses and would love to live in one some day :)

Margo said...

Jenny_o, I'm not exactly sure. Maybe they made the porch more like a temporary room? Privacy? Or maybe they just kept out the rain/wind/sun. On my porch, I would want them for privacy and shade.

Sew Blessed Maw said...

What a fun vacation.. Love the old Victorian houses.
Bless Genevie's heart... no fishing pole, but show's she is a smart girl, that can survive [lol], she caught something with her fishing pole.hahahaha
Kids make everything , so much more fun..
Congrats on the bag of books for $5. Can't wait to hear ,what great finds are in there.. have fun.


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