Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chocolate Pots de Creme for the Lunchbox

I was trying to use up cream, so I made these pots de creme from Jennifer.   I tripled the recipe.  I poured our 4 ramekins for a family dessert, and the rest went into little quarter-pint jars with screw-top lids for the kids' lunchboxes (I cut way, way back on the booze).  A major hit with them, but I must say these pots are a bit too rich and sweet for me, probably due to the semi-sweet chocolate I used.  Maybe next time with dark chocolate?  

But I want to make pots de creme again, if only because they were so fall-over easy.  I saw some recipes online that had you baking the ramekins in pans of water as if for custards which puzzled me.  I thought the genius of pots de creme was that they are unbaked.  I mean to make these this summer.

I also wanted to show you how I got around ripping off 4 little squares of plastic wrap for the tops of the ramekins. Clever, no? 

What I should have photographed was the look on my husband's face when he saw what I was taking a picture of.  Tee he.
I still have a few feet of plastic wrap in the house and I'm wavering about whether or not I'm going to buy more. I mean, I still have plastic bags and they're practically just plastic wrap with corners.  Someone gave me this plastic container years ago, and my plan is to just use my plastic containers until they fall apart and then not replace them.  We'll see.  I think everybody has their pet peeves, and plastic is mine.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Yes... the look on hubby's face would have been priceless.ha
Dessert sounds yummy. Your kids are so lucky to get these yummy desserts in their lunch boxes..

Polly said...

These look SO luscious! I MUST make them. You creative cook, you...your children are so fortunate to have such wonderful packed lunches.

BLD in MT said...

Sounds delish!!! But, I AM a sweet-tooth! It WOULD be perfect for summer!

(and plastic is mine, too!)

Lisa said...

I've never made pots de creme, so it was interesting to look at the recipe. It's pretty simple-looking; but couldn't you also make cooked pudding? I don't think it's any more involved - you could use the cream instead of some of the milk.

jenny_o said...

Yummy! Cream gives such a smooth texture on the tongue. A little goes a long way.

Hazel said...

They do look delicious. My children would be extremely happy to find those in their lunchboxes!

I stopped using clingfilm (which I'm guessing is the same as plastic wrap) a while ago. I still have some lurking in a drawer, but the only time I've struggled to find an alternative is when transporting fruit salad, in it's serving bowl, to a Senior Citizens lunch, when I won't be there to make sure I get any non-disposable covering back.

Otherwise, I use tubs, jars, tea-towels (damp when proving dough) or reused plastic bags instead. I do want to have a go at making the beeswax soaked fabric covering too. I thin that would be useful for wrapping pieces of food.

Polly said...

coming back to this, re: plastics: what do you use for freezing things, like freezer jams and tomato sauce? Or do you always can pasta sauces? I feel I have a heavy reliance on plastics in the summer especially for freezing produce....but I just now used plastic wrap to freeze 2 batches of cookie dough, a baggie to freeze some leftover rice....gah!

Margo said...

Polly, I still have some plastic freezer boxes and freezer bags from years ago. I use them, but as they crack or rip, I trash them. My goal is to freeze in wide-mouth pint canning jars, so that's what I buy when I need freezer containers. I do a fair amount of freezing in canning jars. I just bought a pressure canner on Saturday, so I'm hoping to can even more stuff as opposed to freezing!

Polly said...

Ah, thank you! I have actually never once frozen a jar. I think I was always told that it would crack, but I'm sure that's not true. I'm totally trying it--I have LOTS of canning jars in my house.

Margo said...

Polly, be sure to give the contents room to expand or they will break the jar. And I have frozen things in regular glass jars, but it's much wiser and safer to use tempered glass canning jars!

Sarah Barry said...

Oh I love some chocolate pots de creme! I made some recently and ate them with homemade whip cream and raspberries. AMAZING!

Wonderful idea to send them for lunch. What a treat!


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