Monday, June 25, 2012

Water Popsicles for the Children

This was their idea:  fill a paper cup halfway with water, stick a wooden skewer in it, and freeze.  I think the children forgot about them, but I pulled them out when we had some time to kill between church and a picnic.

Perfect.  They were highly entertained. I was pleased that they weren't ruining a meal with a sugary snack and the drips on their clothes just dried in the heat, leaving no stains behind.

Next time I think we will use our actual popsicle molds, which the kids can fill and freeze themselves (that will thrill them).

filled popsicle molds - cherry yogurt popsicles

 I get tired of saying no to my children when they ask for candy, snacks, gum, etc. etc.  These silly water popsicles allow me to say yes to my children!  How nice.

"If you're done with it, just put it in the garden to water the plants, Ben."


Polly said...

Love it!!! I've made them with a tiny bit of juice but mostly water--gives a sweetness to the water, uses barely any juice (my children don't/won't drink juice at all otherwise) and yet isn't all sticky/nasty like a regular popsicle. The water pops sound fun--and I love the no-staining thing!

jodi said...

That's so great! I especially love the "when you're done, you can put it in the garden" haha! Kids are brilliant. I'm betting my boys would love the water popsicles. They're always wanting popsicles just before dinner...and I hate to say no but I can't ruin dinner.

Eva Girl said...

We've been making popsicles here too. Ice cubes are always available, so the boys like to snack on those throughout the day too. We also freeze bananas on sticks and grapes for bite size treats sometimes.

BLD in MT said...

I bet they were quite refreshing! And I love that they aren't dripping red all over! I wonder if you could make mint Popsicle. That sound super-duper refreshing to me. I'm thinking steep some fresh mint leaves and freeze that. Hmmmmm....thank your kids for the good idea!

Margo said...

BLD, that IS a good idea. Like freezing infused water! but no sugar.

Sarah Barry said...

My two love to eat ice so I'm sure they would thoroughly enjoy a water popsicle.

nancy said...

Good idea! It's like when my kids would "paint" with water and a paint brush on the sidewalk on hot days. Kept them entertained for hours!!!


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