Friday, June 8, 2012


By the time you read this, I will be in the air, heading to a convention for work. 

I've left my family a full batch of yogurt, several loaves of bread in the freezer, and a gallon jar of granola.  Inasmuch as housekeeping is never really done, I folded all the laundry, caught up on the ironing, and vacuumed one more time.  I like to think of this as one way I love them, smoothing their way through the days a bit.  Sure, my husband can run the house and wrangle the kids and find dinner. . .but. . .

I'll be back at homelife soon.  I'm ready to show you our new rooms.


Jennifer Jo said...

Safe travels! How long will you be gone?

beth said...

Have a great time! Love that afghan under your things. ;)

Rebecca said...

Counting the days until you're back!

Melanie said...

I travel a fair amount for work, and even though it's just me and my husband, I do this, too.

Sometimes folks fuss me for not "making him take care of himself," but I like how you said that - it's one way you love your family. Me, too :-)

Safe travels, and lovely homecoming!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Sending prayers for a safe travel to and from.
I so agree with you.. It makes us feel so much better to take care of our families [before we leave]..
Love the loving photo of the kids.

Beth said...

Look at you, the traveling working gal!!

You're a good homemaker/mom/wife, leaving your family in such thoughtfully good shape.

I hope the trip was good!

Polly said...

Love how you care for them, even in absentia!!! Enjoy the conference and the travels!!!

And is that yellow thing a watch????? It looks so cool.

Margo said...

Polly, it's a bracelet my sister gave me. I love it.


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