Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Night Models

Hanging out to eat Sunday night popcorn with my extended family.  I pressed my mom, sis, and cousin into modeling some new flowers for the shop.

I love this photo of my mother in her flower-filled living room, even though it was too dark and busy for etsy.

There are some new flowers and hotpads in the shop - check it out!


Anonymous said...

You sew such nice things, Margo! I love your flowers.

A said...

The cherry themed kitchen things are so dreeeamy, and the colors on the flowers so invigorating for spring.

Eva Girl said...

I like the red door and yellow forsythia wreath! Is that your front door?

Margo said...

Eva, isn't it lovely? That's what inspired me to take a photo. It's my parents' front door. Genevieve is ringing the doorbell to get inside to her granny.

Polly said...

Love that first photo!!!


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