Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Much Would You Pay for Your Son's Haircut?

My husband took Ben along to the barber shop last week, promising me that Ben would just get a trim, just get his homemade haircut cleaned up.  I was a little worried (about his homemade haircut showing up in a professional place, about the length of Ben's precious blonde hair, about Ben's ability to sit still).

The haircut came out fine, but my husband and I were astonished at the cost:  $13.  For a little boy.  Maybe this is representative of all barber shops, but at this rate, my $23 investment in supplies to cut Ben's hair every few weeks is a bargain.
Ben's only insight into the professional hair cut was that he got a lollipop.  And it was red.

(Just showing the boy and his daddy using January photos that I love - our Christmas tree is long gone).


Anonymous said...

I pay $10- for the cut, plus tip. We live in a small rural town in California's central valley, and that's a pretty standard price anywhere I go. I have two boys, 11 and 7, but we only get the 7yo's hair cut professionally. I buzz my husband's hair and my oldest son's, but a buzz isn't flattering on my youngest boy. I'll admit that I haven't taken the time to watch the dvd that came with our clippers, to learn other cuts, but I really should, shouldn't I? I have to say though, it costs us more than $23- in husband and oldest son have very coarse hair, so I have to buy the best quality trimmers, then have them sharpened every couple of adds up quickly!


Heritage Farmgirl said...

I have cut Dearest hair for 20 years now. It took time for me to learn how and patience on his account to put up with the mistakes.I am a pro at it now, with out a certificate.

A said...

Well hello, we need to see Ben's new locks to be able to judge the $13 worth--perhaps he's commercial worthy-now, and this $13 investment will bring you millions.

Deanna Beth said...

$13 would be fairly reasonable here. How much is Mr. Thrift's cut? Is $13 the child's price or the flat fee for all cuts? I have a haircut price story: I had started going to a place in a small town about 20 minutes away because I was experimenting with color at the time and I was going with someone my SIL used who had done a good job. After a couple of years, I was fed up with all the travel time and determined to find someone here in town. I decided to go with a hairdresser whose children are students in my studio. Imagine my shock when I went from paying $18 at the faraway place to $26 (!) nearby! I also feel stuck there as I know the hairdresser personally and it would be awkward to look for greener (or cheaper) grasses. Although, from talking to Reb, it sounds like $26 would be a bargain in your area.

senolt said...

Sharper Image (around the block from me) used to have $7 cuts on Wed.

Margo said...

Birdy, that reminds me that I should get my barber scissors sharpened. The price I was quoted was $14. Ouch.

A, nah, it's basically the same cut. Hence my camera finger did not itch.

DB, my husband's cut is the same price; a women's cut around here is usually $35 and I think that's on the cheapie end. And I agree, leaving/choosing hairdressers can be sooooo awkward.

S, that's a bargain!

Janelle said...

I pay $12 apiece for my kids' haircuts and i would gladly pay $20 if it meant I didn't need to wrassle them into a chair myself. :) I will save my thriftiness for other ventures.

Beth said...

My lady charges $20 for cutting my girls' hair! Yeah, I'm totally looking for another place for all of us...just too much HAIR in this house to pay high prices for cuts!! And I will NOT touch their heads with scissors. That's never ended well.

Very sweet pics of your men.

Polly said...

I do it myself, too, for the same reason! Finns first professional cut was free (so I just paid tip)--standard treat the barber shop gives. The second, months later, was $15. Hello!

Neither cut was amazing; I thought they were both sort of badly done. I do a total hack job on it, and I'm really no good. But the pro jobs weren't much better (even though he sits still so well for strangers!) I figure I can do a bad job for free!

Polly said...

PS a few months back I got my bi-annual cut at the place I've visited for years, & where my cut is $35. This time they assigned me a new haidresser (I go so infrequently that I don't just have one!) and she did a nice job and didn't even use scissors...just razors! Neat trick. Imagine my horror, though, when I went to check out and was charged, b/c she is apparently a 'master stylist'....$60!!!!!! I nearly went into labor over the shock.

Margo said...

oh Polly. This is one reason why I dread going to the hairdresser! I'm never in tune with all that stuff and the prices aren't always posted. I do know that I don't like my hair when it's razored, but, like you, I'm not a regular so I have to say something every time.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Great photos, I see why you love them! Our barbershop charges $14 per cut, regardless of age. I've often heard that haircuts for children should cost MORE than an adult cute, afterall they do have a tendency to squirm.


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