Monday, March 7, 2011

Drying Laundry in Winter

I do about a load a day and put it on my creaky drying rack; it's in the kitchen, not pretty, unless I get an all red load like this one.  I shut the rack away in the bedroom if people are coming over so we don't look like the tenement poor, but otherwise, that humidity is good for the dry winter inside air.  When the air is dry, your dry tissue does not keep germs out so well and you are more susceptible to germs.

If the wind is moving outside and the sun is shining, I may brave the cold to hang a load of whites; free bleach, after all.

In this manner, I still avoid using my electric dryer.  Good for us, good for the environment.


Tracy said...

I have one of these drying racks, and you've inspired me to pull it out on not-so-sunny days. There's nothing like the smell of laundry dried in the sunshine, though.

Laura said...

My drying rack is in my bathroom. It's the warmest room in the house because I have a little radiator-type electric heater in there. (Love your real radiator, by the way!) When we lived in a house with heating and air vents in the floor I would place the drying racks above the vents in the winter and dry our clothes that way, only using the outside clothesline in the spring, summer, and fall (winter in northern Virginia was pretty chilly). Now in Alabama I can use the clothesline pretty much year-round, unless it's raining. But socks, handwashable sweaters and shirts, and some delicates always dry on the rack in the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

How did you know that I was thinking about laundry today? It's sunny, cold, and windy and I braved the chill to hang a load or two of Little Bear's clothes on the line. It made me think if spring even if it didn't feel like it.

BLD in MT said...

Our basement rafters are strung with lines for clothes drying during the winter (or rain). It takes much longer, but it is never an issue.

I have seen these racks (like yours) on a few other blogs. I haven't come across any yet though.

I am eager to get the clothes back outside! Soon enough (maybe this week!) I hope!

Margo said...

BLD, I have seen laundry racks at any store like Walmart that has ironing boards, clothespins, laundry baskets. Amish stores have especially sturdy racks (mine is not), should you chance to find an Amish store!

Kylie M. said...

I have 2 large wooden drying racks and line strung up in our basement for drying our clothes in the winter. I think one of my sturdy drying racks is from Lehman's catalog. I like not having to brave the cold to dry laundry, but am looking forward to hanging it outside again in the warmer months!

BLD in MT said...

The first load of the season went outside this weekend! Hooray for spring!


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