Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stripey Bias Tape

I love my bias tape maker - that shiny thing in the middle of my ironing board.  Feed a strip of fabric in the wide end and hey presto! it's tidily tucked in when it comes out the other end and under the hot iron. 

Here I'm making blue and white striped bias tape to go around some pot holders. 

I'm working on a shop update because my mother complained that she's spreading the word on my etsy shop and it's looking rather bare.  Yesterday after I made a batch of pickled red beets, a double recipe of pepper cabbage, butterhorns, and three meals, I got right on it.  More stuff in the shop, soon!


Tracy said...

So funny about your mom. Perhaps she doesn't realize that it's Christmas-time, you have small children, and other obligations? My Etsy has been empty for forever. soon, though, I hope to have some offerings. It's just that when it becomes an obligation, it no longer seems fun.

A said...

I'm sickened (I mean inspired) by the amount of things you get done in one day. That bias tape maker is dreamy! A handquilting class I took once had us somehow folding and ironing ones own--I was turned off to homemade bias, I thought forever. Look forward to seeing the new stuff!

Heritage Farmgirl said...

Can't wait to see the pot holders! I am in need of making new ones. The last ones I made were pretty but not think enough. Could still burn my hands through them.

Anonymous said...

I covet your bias maker. Where did you get such a wonderful thing? And if you say that you made it on top of everything else you do in a day...Well...I shall throw myself in the ocean. Just kidding. But I will be awestruck by your ingenuity.

Jacinta said...

I was actually looking for a bias tape maker thingymajiggy a few nights ago when I was at the fabric/craft store (I went on my own when hubby got back from work. BLISS!) but couldn't find one. I should've asked someone. Meh. Next time. I know I need one. Don't know if I need it now though. haha. :)
xo MODELmumma

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I always wondered what a bias tape maker looks like! Now that I see that it's such a simple little contraption quite easily used by less experienced sewers I'm thinking I can handle it. Oh, think of all the lovely trim I can make!


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