Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gift Reveal

A pair of potholders I made for my sis-in-law in colors I'm very pleased with and she seemed to be too.

But a note about the "bias" tape: I didn't cut it on the bias. I was using scraps and would have had to piece it unreasonably to get a bias line. I also made the tape probably 4" to start before I folded the raw edges to center and that was much too wide. I ended up folding the tape under double to sew it to the back side, a sweary (as Angry Chicken says) project.

The second photo is blurry, but in my Christmas rush, I had the potholders wrapped before I realized it. So the photo is just For the Record of Colors & Fabrics.


Anonymous said...

Love them!!! :)

senolt said...

do I see an Amy Butler? Love, love, love the artwork you've done.

Margo said...

thank you! yes, that's Amy Butler flowers on the blurry side. It will also appear in a living room throw that hopefully will also appear on this blog when I quilt it. . .


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