Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homemade Sewing Cards

I like to sew and I would like to teach my children to sew. But when I priced the boughten sewing cards, I nearly passed out.

So I got out some markers, cardstock, yarn and a holepunch. And I bought a pack of needles - I forget what type they are exactly, but I also use one to sew in the ends of a knitting project.

I was fiddling around with patches for Kim's quilt, so Genevieve got out her sewing too.

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BLD in MT said...

I realized from your post today about Mr. Thrifts new job that I'd never read your earliest posts when I started reading your blog. And so now I have. Its so wonderful to see how things started. And oh my how little your children are in these first posts!!! And now they are getting kitchen lessons and all sort of things. Amazing. (I doubt I needed to say all that to you since you, but none the less I did)