Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Gift Reveal II

Knitted dishcloths for my daughter's Sunday School teachers, as a tangible thank you for all their work and care.

My grandmother taught me to knit these dishcloths when I was newly married. I have knitted a few scarves and even a few hats, but hundreds of dishcloths. It is the perfect handwork for me - small, portable, automatic. I can knit these in my sleep and no one gets tired of a pretty, practical gift so I give a lot of dishcloths away.


Kate said...

Oooh, how pretty and useful! I just am a beginner knitter (2 scarves nearly done!) but would love to learn to make these. Do you use cotton yarn?

Margo said...

Kalee, good for you! I found it hard to learn knitting, but once I learned, it's such a portable project.
Yes, I only use cotton yarn to make these. How good are you with knitting pattern directions? I could do a post with the directions.