Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Second Consignment

So, I haven't stocked my etsy shop recently because I've gotten another load of scarves out to another local consignment shop. 

See the olive and pale seafoamy green scarf?  That olive linen is the same I used for the giveaway oven towel too.  When I prewashed the linen, it got very raveled on the edge and I had to cut quite a bit off. What a waste!  I want to remember to run a quick zig zag stitch down the raw edges before washing linen yardage.

The tasseled one, my favorite.  There's a bit of Genevieve's plaid mixed in with its flowers.


  1. Margo
    How do you do with Etsy sales wise? I have thought about opening a shop in there with my smocking but there are so many stores within Etsy I'm not sure mine will even be looked at.

    Your scarves look very nice when modeled.
    You are a good seamstress.


  2. Hi Marlyn,
    I think it's wise to have a blog with an etsy shop because that helps to get more traffic to your shop. And you have a nice blog!

    I have had very good success with the oven towels because there aren't any like mine, really, in etsy. So if there's a lot of smocking in etsy already, you might do better looking for an actual store near you where there aren't any smocked things.

  3. Thanks for that hint. I agree with you on the blog thing. that is why I mentioned your models. The scarves are nice but don't do you justice hanging off the railing. that said, hard to always take picture of yourself... right!

  4. The tasseled scarf is gorgeous! You do such nice work, Margo dear. I'm always impressed with your creativity. And industriousness!

  5. Your ruffle-y scarves are so very cute! I know they'll sell like hotcakes!


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