Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eating the Turk's Cap

OK, so we did finally get a Christmas tree yesterday.  I think I was waiting to eat up all the pumpkins first before I put up wreaths.

When I bought this Turk's cap pumpkin, I asked the Amish girl if it was edible.  She looked surprised, but said, well sure.

So we ate it. 

I made Butternut Harvest Stew and Vegetarian Groundnut Stew, both from Simply in Season. Both delicious.  So think twice before you throw your autumn pumpkins in the compost bin (or heaven forfend, the trash).  But I'm ready for evergreens now.


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I've never, ever seen a Turk's cap pumpkin... what fun looking fellow! Now, breathe deeply and enjoy the pine fragrance!

Deanna Beth said...

Clever Margo. I find that just about any ol' pumpkin or squash can substitue for any other, don't you?

Tracy said...

I'm not decorated yet. Not one little bit, and it's beginning to get depressing.

And I still have squash sitting here, but they will not be going to the trash or the compost pile. They will be used, eventually, and I'm very thankful that they keep well!

kim said...

What an unusual looking pumpkin......hope it tasted good.

Time to enjoy the festive season now methinks...

florrie x