Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday: Cleaning Bathroom, Desk Work

When I worked in the professional world, I hated Mondays.  As a homemaker, I love Mondays.  I feel surprisingly rested from Sunday, and ready to launch into my work.

On Mondays, I clean my bathroom:  mirrors, toilet, shower walls, sink, tops of the tile and lights where the dust shows, and floor.  I change the rug and handtowel.  It takes me all of 20 minutes, unless the children want to help too.  If I'm feeling energetic, I use the bucket of soapy water to wash the foyer floor too; the rest of my floors are wood and take a different cleaner.

In the afternoon, I do desk work.  I answer emails that I've put off, go through the inbox and pay bills, return phone calls, and arrange our social calendar. We have two inboxes: one at the front door inside this desk where we drop all the mail, and then one on the desk upstairs where the bills go. As I carry the bills upstairs, I sort the rest of the mail into the recycling bin, reading material, coupon stash, or decorating the buffet.

Sometimes things come up that cannot wait until the nearest Monday, but usually, this weekly net works just fine.  My old way of managing the bills was to do a big chunk when I remembered, which meant a good hour or more of balancing checkbooks and paying bills, some of them mortifyingly overdue.  Now, I usually only have one or two bills to deal with per Monday and they all get paid on time.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Good plan! And, I heart your black and white bathroom.

Margo said...

Christian, thank you!
From living in a number of city apartments, I've noticed this style of tile/grout is very common - maybe it's typical of the 1930s and not just our city? We had to demolish the vintage bathroom when we renovated our house, but we loved it so much we redid it in the same tile. It doesn't show well in the photo, but the walls are pale grey-blue because I needed a little color!

ThyHandHathProvided said...

I love the paying bills/desk work on Monday idea. I'm functioning in the attend-to-them-when-there's-a-stack mentality and while none have yet been late, it stresses me out a bit. I just cleaned my bathrooms, too. Happy Monday:-).

Janelle said...

I am IMPRESSED (as well as more than a little bit shamed) that you clean your bathroom every week!!!

Margo said...

Janelle, no shame. I discovered that cleaning it every week means I can do it so fast (20 minutes or less) because it's not horrendously dirty. And invariably drop in visitors need to use the bathroom and I'm relieved that it's usually moderately clean :) In the long run, cleaning the bathroom every week feels less onerous to me than my old way of suddenly noticing the filth and spending an afternoon digging it out.

Amy said...

We have a black and white tile bathroom too, very similar to yours. It was my husband who insisted on painting some color on the walls...and he chose a light lilac. It's just the right touch. Now I just need to clean it. :-)

Laura said...

I want to know what you use to clean your wood floors! :)

Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

I love the black and white bathroom too!

You are so industrious.

Margo said...

Laura, we had our floors refinished and the cleaner recommended by the workman is Bona ( I spray it on and wipe it off - done.
Our floors are not polyurethaned, but finished with a water based finish (ahem - I need to ask my husband exactly what it is). I wash them twice a year with Murphy's Oil Soap, but otherwise use Bona.


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