Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Ready for the Beach

Genevieve has all her beach garb, now that we found her sunglasses. I had to explain to her at RiteAid in a way that would not give offense to casual passersby, that in our family, we do not buy things with licensed characters on them. You try doing that sometime; I felt like a politician. I finally distracted her with gum, and then I bought the plain black sunglasses which turned out to be marked down to $1.99, unlike the pink glitter Barbie ones for $8.99. The new sunglasses look like the late 1980s to me, in a good way!

Genevieve is also sporting her new water bottle, another RiteAid markdown that we got for $2.49 because she asked if she could have her own water bottle like mine (I have a Sigg dating from my pregnancy with Ben which may not be recognizable because it is so dented and the paint is coming off).

As for Ben, he needs a beach shirt and hat. It sounded simpler and more satisfying to me to try to make a hat, than dragging my children through various stores until I found a plain hat in my price range.

I used some scraps of whale fabric from Mrs. R and lined it with white. I also used a pattern from Mrs. R rather than buy a pattern; I just ignored the scalloped edge on View A.

I also put in a bit of interfacing along the brim and then machine quilted a few rows to add structure for turning up the brim. I'm still planning to add some straps that will snap together at Ben's cheek.


senolt said...


Eva Girl said...

Yes, I know what you mean about buying non-character items at the store! Those sunglasses look nicer anyway and the hat came out great : )

rebwey said...

And doesn't Evs look like the little lady with her sunglasses on top of her head!

Deanna Beth said...

That's a great hat! Well done.

beth said...

great job on the hat!! love it!!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

The hat is perfect! I wish we were planning a trip to the beach... sadly ours are covered with oil.

Margo said...

Christian, I am so very very sorry. That Gulf situation is so depressing I've stopped following it. I know I need to actively pray about it. . .I know it's not too big for God, but good grief, it feels like it.

Laura said...

Great work on the hat! And your shopping finds were nice, too.

Your garden looks good. Years ago in upstate NY I had a gardening neighbor who could grow anything anywhere. She planted 4x4 gardens under her deck and under mine. She assured me that the measly amount of morning sun that area got would be enough to grow a fine crop. She was right. We had a bounty crop of zucchini, patty pan squash, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cherry tomatoes, and one lone stalk of corn (it was a mystery to everyone how it got there). And lots of mint.


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