Monday, June 20, 2022

Raspberry Nightie

I cranked out a swishy yellow nightie for the growing girl.

The flowers are just so pretty on this vintage fabric from my stash. I used a size 5 pattern and just eyeballed some width and length. When I had her slip it over her head before I put the finishing sems in, we tore the armscye a bit. I'm afraid the vintage fabric might be a bit fragile. I topstitched a patch over the tear.

I did actually make the nightie too wide, so I put a pleat in the front neckline. Sewing over it with rick rack is a bit homemade-y looking, but I knew the fancier the trims, the more Phoebe would love it.

Well, it is pretty and she loves it! And raspberries. Keeping up with the bramble is a twice-a-day job right now, and the black raspberries are coming in, too. One of the fun parts of summer!


  1. Looks great! And fun to wear, too. When she gets older/bigger, you can remove the pleat in the neckline, and this might still fit!

  2. Leisha here . It's gorgeous and goodness Miss Phoebe is tall .

  3. What a sweet nightie to have sweet dreams!

  4. A real charmer - ok, both the girl and the nightie!
    Enjoy those raspberries. So nice to have a helper for picking and eating them.
    E (your Portland reader with computer issues)

  5. Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmy! Our raspberries are far behind yours, but the strawberries are keeping us busying picking and eating. I love berries. My favorite fruits are berries--raspberry probably taking the gold medal. Excellent job on the nightie. Also, "armscye" sounds like a truly magical sewing term. I'd not heard it before somehow.

    1. Berries are pretty wonderful! And sadly, I think the strawberries are over around here.


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