Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summer Clothes with My Small Pieces

Last winter when I was sorting fabric, I realized I had lots of small, pretty pieces, approximately 1-2 yards. More than I would ever need to make Phoebe little girl clothes (and have you seen her recently? She's basically a grown up). 

I printed out the Sorbetto tank top pattern, and was pleased with the resulting tank top (made that laborious pattern printing, taping, cutting process worth it). 
This summer when I pulled it out to wear it, I really wished for a dark denim skirt to go with it. I had another small but pretty piece in my stash, wouldn't you know. So I made a little denim skirt, shorter than I would normally wear, but it was a small piece after all. This is the same pattern I used for my yellow skirt, different view. 
 I used a navy calico inside the waistband and at the hem for a private pretty for me, but also to stretch the denim as far as possible. I always put pockets in the clothing I make, but I literally had a few scraps left from the denim piece. I held them up to the skirt a couple different ways and just made up a pocket! I top stitched the heck out of everything with red thread, and I am really happy with this comfortable skirt. Bonus: it matches the Sorbetto tank! 

Genevieve floated the idea that maybe I could make her a denim skirt and I was all, well, you look in the fabric cupboard and see what you find, but I am sewing down my stash, so good luck.


  1. So summery and adorable!! Well done!! Sewing clothing just never goes well for me...

  2. You look so incredibly like summer in that outfit! I love the blues--and that scrappy pocket. You look great in them both.

    Best of luck as you sew-down the stash. Always an admirable goal!

  3. I absolutely love this! It looks beautiful!


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