Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ben, Tucked Up in Blankets

He's home sick from school today with a nasty cold.  The weather is mild - the air smells fresh and the sun is going in and out of the clouds.  My husband suggested that Ben read on the balcony to blow the germs out of his lungs.  So, with hot tea and a good book, chosen, I am sure, for his interest and not for the irony, he got himself snug on the balcony loveseat.

He's not the only who's coughing and complaining in our family just now.  I have escaped the pestilence (so far! knock on wood!).  I tell them all to force clear liquids, even in they're not thirsty, to get lots of sleep, and wash their hands before touching anything other people touch.  At night, they use humidifiers and homemade cough syrup (it's worth clicking on that link just to see 3-year-old Ben!). 

When I was growing up, Mom would have us take Vitamin C to help our immune systems.  What's the modern equivalent?  What do you give your people to boost their immunity in the season of lots of people inside sharing germs with each other?


Becky said...

Vitamin C, lots of liquids, ferments - kombucha, Edie's a recent convert to kimchi and my favorite of fermented ginger carrots. Oh, and a good garlicy miso soup made with chicken broth, red pepper and greens. It's been known to cure what ails you.

Margo said...

Thanks, Becky. What's your recipe for the carrots?

Becky said...

Here it is - it's in a post with a few other ferments that are quick and easy.

Becky said...

And my garlicy miso soup:

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps the modern equivalent of Vit. C is - Vit. C. I take a 1000mg tab every day just for maintenance.

If I get the slightest tickly throat or sneezy nose or any of those things that signal a downturn in my immune system - I start super-dosing. I would not recommend this amount for kids, but you could adjust to what you think is OK. vit. C is water-soluble, so what your body doesn't need it will flush out down the toilet.

My dose is 2 tabs with breakfast, 2 with lunch, 2 with supper, 2 at bedtime. If my urine starts to look yellow, I cut back. But it's pretty amazing how much your body will actually use. After a few days I'll see the change I mentioned and I'll start to cut back. This has worked for me for years. My doctor used to laugh at my dependence on vit. C until I asked him to check just how many times I came in to his office - he stopped laughing!

Best of luck with the pestilence.
Chris S in Canada

Margo said...

Chris, thanks for the Vitamin C details! We've got 500mg tabs and I've been making everyone take them now. My mom will be so proud.

e said...

I also rely on vitamin C, but Chinese hot and sour soup is a tried and true cold kicker around my house!

I hope Ben is feeling better. I love that your husband (and you, presumably) are believers in fresh air. Yes to that! And ten thousand yeses to hand washing.

Polly said...

My standbys are Vitamin C and lots of warmth (warmth, warmth, warmth), water, and sleep. I also take Zinc and Vitamin D. Sometimes I take elderberry syrup, but that's probably not all that effective; it's just fun to include at times, and tasty.

I just checked our sick book recently and realized MY KIDS HAVE NOT BEEN SICK SINCE LAST THANKSGIVING. I really hope this doesn't mean a plague is coming our way. My daughter caught the flu from me last spring and *never got sick* so I do think she has a powerful immune system. It was the strangest thing!

Naomi Weaver said...

Dear daughter, I am going to say that vitamin c still works, old-fashioned or not. But one needs to take it regularly because immunity is built up over time. Generally speaking, vitamins are not a quick fix.

Love your blog with your excellent photography.


BLD in MT said...

Miso soup, tea (with lemon and/or honey), and rest. That is our trifecta when we're not feeling well.

I sure hope you continue to avoid the bugs and that everyone else kicks them quickly.

(and little Ben!! Eek! What a little cutie. He's so mature looking these days.)