Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Tags

I did set a few goals around the beginning of the year - perhaps we could call them New Year's resolutions - and I'm making slow progress.

 One of my goals is to get my Etsy shop up and and running again - I miss that sewing outlet and income. In that same vein, I made another batch of goodies for the museum store and this time, I braved the internets to order Thrift at Home tags to affix to my handmades.  I like them, but I need to get better at sewing them on straight.

My photos are not very great; I had a narrow window of time between completion of the order and delivery and it was dark and rainy outside.  But it's On the Record, so I'm satisfied.

 Another goal was to blog at least twice a week.  I've done pretty well with that so far, but yikes, this week is sort of getting away from me.


faith76 said...

That is a good goal to try and blog twice a week :) My aim is once a month and even that eludes me at times :) Great crafting xx

Becky said...

I had been aiming to blog once a week, but that seems to have gotten away from me. Onwards and upwards though.

Sarah Barry said...

My goal is to blog twice a week, too. This is a fairly new re-commitment for me. I can never seem to justify the time to sit down and put off the housework....and my kids interrupt me so many times. But I enjoy blogging so much I figured 2X per week is not too much to ask.

Yay about getting your Etsy shop back up! I'm in the market for some potholders.

jenny_o said...

I'm always happy to see your posts pop up in my email! Well done. And lovely items for the etsy shop. You mentioned getting the labels on straight. Why is it that sometimes the simplest-looking things are so tricky?