Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Million Nightingales

I've got a million nightingales on the branches of my heart. . .

singing "freedom, freedom, freedom!"

But to get the real power and beauty of the song, you must listen to the 4-part round.

Happy Easter!


  1. Thank you. - that was a perfect end to Easter Sunday and a reminder of joy in what has been a difficult Lent and a less than joyous beginning to the Easter season.

  2. Lovely! I've never heard that song before and now I can't imagine it in anything but a four part harmony.

  3. The song, the flowers! Sending this to my bosom friend recuperating from surgery.

  4. Your pictures are beautiful, friend. I now have the energy and presence to view them. Lovely. Your friendship and gifts to the world (and me!) are a blessing. So good to knit with you last evening, too.


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