Monday, November 21, 2016

On a November Sunday Afternoon

Genevieve was bored (which drives me crazy - the one day they don't have any chores at all, and are encouraged to relax and play!).  She asked if she could bake cookies, which was perfect because the cookie jar was just emptied recently from the last batch she made.  I love it when items on my to-do list are taken care of by other people!

She chose snickerdoodles, which oddly I have never made before.  But I think they'll go into regular rotation at our house, with a little less sugar.  I always use some all-purpose whole wheat flour in baked goods and reduce the sugar which allows me to consider them a reasonable snack.

Meanwhile, I stayed out of the kitchen and started a new quilt. I can't tell if I like it yet. It's a scrappy trip around the world, and I've loved looking at those finished quilts, but the two blocks I've worked on so far just look strange.  I'm going to persevere because often patchwork transforms into something magical, and I have so many scraps that I'm eager for a quilt to eat up.

The block's looks will improve when it's ironed.


coleen said...

Love the colors of your quilt! It will be perfect when finished!

Becky said...

My girl was recently bored on a Saturday afternoon and made snickerdoodles! Are they the official boredom buster cookie or what?

jenny_o said...

How nice to have someone else baking the treats! And I am eager to see your quilt as it progresses. It's something I've thought of doing for so long, but never have. I have saved so many garments for that purpose. Hopefully, one of these days. I think I am intimidated by the process, by not having seen it done (and being a very visual learner). I like the squares you've finished very much - seems like a good balance of colours to me.

e said...

Your daughter is so tall already!

And, I love the start of your quilt. It will look fantastic!

Sarah Barry said...

I don't want to wish away the little years, but I do look forward to when my kids can actually help in the kitchen. I let them be involved quite a bit now so I hope it will pay off.

I like all your patchwork. You have a very distinct style.