Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thrift at Camp

We went camping with our dear friends, the second annual tradition, and we're going to keep it going.   I'm even starting to feel a little bit competent at camping because every year I keep notes and try to refine my method.  This year, I discovered that if I started prepping a full week before we left to camp, I did not feel overwhelmed!  And I also realized that I strongly prefer to prep food in my own kitchen which is luxurious and beautifully outfitted compared to the rudimentary camp kitchen I set up.  So yes, I chopped all my veggies ahead of time and planned carefully to do as little fussing with food as possible at camp.  I even premixed the pancake wet and dry ingredients and it worked perfectly. 

Christy came up with this post title when we were laughing our heads off while she tried to break up some logs for firewood that she found in the woods (okay, and I did try to break a log by whacking it against a tree because I'm a city slicker and don't know better).  She did not buy the $18 hatchet at the camp store, but we did mess around with my husband's pocket knife to see if we could be pioneers and get them hacked up.

I feel obligated to report that Genevieve and some pals caught crayfish, boiled them in a pan, and ate them.  I didn't get any photos, nor did I eat any.

The weather was sunny and warm during the day and chilly and crisp at night.  The only annoying thing I forgot was Phoebe's bib.  The adults lazed around, the kids raced around, and we all agreed we had a fantastic time.

the suppers:
corn on the cob, wrapped in foil, on the tripod grill over the fire
marinated grilled chicken
buttered green beans

walking tacos with beans and taco fixins
Christy's chocolate zucchini cake

hobo packets – sausage, onions sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, peppers, mushrooms 
bread + olive oil
Christy's chocolate zucchini cake

the breakfasts:
pancakes + pb + butter + syrup
coffee, milk

fried eggs
fried mushrooms
sliced tomatoes
biscuits wrapped in foil and warmed over the fire
coffee, milk

granola, fruit, milk or yogurt, coffee

the lunches:
hot dogs over the fire + buns + sauerkraut + ketchup + onions
baked beans
crudite with hummus

mountain pies with tomatoes/pesto/mozzarella
or pepperoni/pizza sauce/mozzarella
crudite with hummus

a final roundup of all the leftovers and scraps


Becky said...

I never get fancy with food when we are camping. Actually, I avoid camping like the plague - for the last twenty-something years, every time I plan on camping with my husband, it rains. As in, torrential down pours, even if there is no rain in the forecast. We've camped in tropical storms on the beach, which was actually a little more fun than it sounds. Get me a cabin and I'm set though. I don't need running water or electricity, just the knowledge that I won't wake up floating. That's not asking too much I don't think.

Christy K. said...

It's cute that you put the popsicles pic in 2x. =) Food bought from the camp store. Hee hee.

Margo said...

Christy!! Thanks for catching that double pic - I took it out. Should have taken more pictures of the junk from the store :)

jenny_o said...

Camping is SO much work when you're one of the adults, but it makes for memories like no other experience. Just looking at your pictures, I can so clearly recall the clean clear mornings, the sunny afternoons and the smokey campfire evenings of our camping trips. What a sweet photo of Phoebe clutching her dad's finger while eating the popsicle - priceless!

Unknown said...

We did so much camping last year and we've done none this year. This makes me want to try to squeeze in a trip before it gets too cold.