Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Fun Skirt

For its comfort, amiability with all the shirts in my drawer, happy swish below my hips, and loopy flowers, I dub this skirt the Summer 2016 Fun Skirt.  I've worn it so much this summer I almost forgot to blog about it.

Even now, I can't explain why I love this fabric.  The colors are bold but clever, but that flower print?  Why do I like it?  I don't know, but I even thrifted a lavender tank top to match it.  I don't even like purplish colors!

I love this pattern, which Rebecca introduced me to:  a gored skirt with wide pleats, putting the
fullness where it looks good.  Unfortunately, my skirt turned out a little big so I sewed belt loops on it and wear the mustard-colored belt with it.  Easier than taking ripping out a pocket and a waistband.

And yes, Phoebe really did get down on the sidewalk on her forehead, wailing, when I told her we were not, in fact, going to the park but were just strolling so Genevieve could get some snaps of my skirt.

Phoebe puts her forehead on the floor and cries when situations do not please her.  When I am not keeping a straight face, I am wondering where oh where oh where did she learn that kind of drama?  Is it biblical? Hollywood-starlet-brat style?  She's a cool cat otherwise, so it just kills us when she turns on the drama.


Shauna said...

Oh wow, I love it! It looks really super on you and would definitely go with many colours! I understand how you love the fabric, it has that retro look with colour combinations used back then! Must have been a thrift store find? A great pattern too, the fit is flattering.

BLD in MT said...

That fabric is fantastic--a lovely skirt pattern, too! And you're so clever with your belt loops! Very nice, even if it did end with a wailing babe!

Tammy said...

Very cute! That fabric is pretty! I probably wouldn't think to make a skirt for myself out of it but it turned out great and I'd totally wear that!

When my daughter was Phoebe's age, she would throw a temper by lying on her back and kicking and screaming. It made me laugh though, because we had wood floors, so she would carefully and slowly get down on the floor, carefully and slowly roll over onto her back and then start the kicking and screaming. It makes me laugh even now! Where she got it? I don't think at that age that she'd seen anyone else behaving thusly, it's just part of human sin nature!

e said...

Great skirt! I love the fabric, it reminds me of my youth in the 1960's. Someone with a daring color sense put that together, and they did an amazing job! The skirt is very flattering, and I love that you included pockets.

Phoebe is showing a strong personality, thank goodness! I'm sure she'll outgrow that in no time.

Margo said...

Shauna, the fabric is not vintage; it's actually from JoAnn's Fabric this year!

Lisa said...

Yes, yes - the more colors in a skirt, the better! And it's definitely a happy fabric.

Lana said...

I raised two drama queen girls and they are still so good at it at 25 and 33. I have no answers for you but find it funny that our 33 year old daughter's two year old basically tells her to quit when she turns on the drama. :)

I love your street and sidewalk. It almost makes me wish to live in the city like you.

Becky said...

I LOVE IT! The fabric, the style - totally adorable. I have a skirt in a similar style that is a thrifted Talbots but does not have a pocket. It is a flattering fit.

My girl would throw herself on the ground when having a meltdown. At one point, we just started stepping over her.

jenny_o said...

That skirt - I love it too! To me, it's fascinating how widely tastes can vary with respect to patterns and colours (think of something you've seen that makes you ask WHY?) but other fabrics are loved almost universally, like your choice here.

Maybe Phoebe's head feels better on the floor when she is upset. I know that clutching my head in both hands is my go-to when I am frustrated!! She is so cute. And Genevieve did a wonderful job taking those photos. Does she have a particular interest in photography?

Leila said...

This is the best skirt ever! Of course you love it! It's perfect! I love it with that aqua top.
You look wonderful.
Phoebe is so cute! Love it all.

Unknown said...

I love this. My mom does all the sewing for my girls and I ca never quite convince her to sew for me.

Sarah Barry said...

I love that fabric, too. And I just read above that it's not vintage. JoAnn's - amazing! It is fabulous.

Lovely skirt. I see why you wore it so much.

Phoebe's drama -- ha ha.