Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Season-Spanning Outfit for Phoebe

My friend A gave Phoebe a sweet little fascinator headband.  I wouldn't have thought I wanted to put a headband on my baby girl, but oh my goodness, this one is charming and just right.  I made an outfit just to go with it.

It's functioning as a jumper right now in chilly weather, with a collared onesie underneath and tights.  Hopefully she will wear it like a top with bloomers in warm weather.  If this works, I will be so pleased at this stylish way to stretch a baby wardrobe.

I used this 1970s pattern, making the top a little longer and adding rick-rack trimmed ruffles to the bloomers, but those were the only modifications.

I did buy thread to match the elusive chartreuse color of the fabric - the fabric is from Jo Ann's and I've bought it several times over the years because I like it so much.  However, everything else came from my stash, which is why one of the buttons is similar but not matching.

Phoebe and Grandpa.  Melt my heart.


A said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So adorable!

And that fabric is scrumptious!

I do so love your ability to take an old pattern and whip it to life.

So glad she's looking Grande in Grey.


Becky said...

So much cute right there. That dress, those bloomers - the rickrack!

Polly said...

She's so adorable! Love the whole ensemble! We're big fans of re-purposing dresses into tops as the girl grows.

jenny_o said...

So sweet!!! And yes, that last photo is dear.

And - that second photo - Phoebe reminds me VERY much of Ben and of your husband. I never noticed Ben looking like your husband but ... he must, I think. What is your take?

What a beautiful headband, too. You and your friend both have Talent.

e said...

Oh my gosh, so adorable!

Shauna said...

So cute! I love using old patterns, but yes they are always short! Love the rick rack.

Angela said...

I remember making a somewhat similar dress for my daughter when she was a tiny girl. That was 32 years ago! This is a cute dress, you did a remarkable job!
I see you mentioned that you are Mennonite. My husband served for 3 years in Brazil with the Mennonite Central Committee.

Sarah Barry said...

The dress is darling....looks so mini Boden. Also, love the big buttons.

P is SO cute, too!