Monday, March 21, 2016

Sewing to Help My Knitting

 My knitting needles were stuffed in a bag, and now that I'm getting traction with my knitting, I was frequently trying to see what I had to see if it matched the projects I had in mind.  I finally realized I could, you know, organize them once and for all.

I borrowed some ideas from Auntie Leila, limited myself to my scrap bag with mostly blues and reds with a some sunshine yellow, and made this wrap thing.

 It works well and I love to look at it.  Ah, satisfaction!

Then I noticed a rip in the corner of my ancient knitting bag which was handed down to me from Grandma Weaver.  I thought I would mend it, but oh my, even my love for mending couldn't ignore the rotted fragile fabric.

So I made a new bag for the wooden handles.  I limited myself to blues and loosely organized the from dark to light.  I love looking for magic in my scrap bag!  Once I pieced the strips, I zig-zagged over each seam with a small yellow zig-zag, anchoring the pieced fabric to another piece of fabric.  Then I lined the whole thing with fine-wale corduroy left from this skirt.

It's been in steady use and I like it.  When I took these photos, I was still working on Ben's socks.  They're done now, and I'm off on a poncho for Genevieve.  Wheeee, knitting!


e said...

What a great idea! I love the 'needle roll' or whatever you want to call it. I'll bet it was a wrench to give up the old knitting bag, though.

Alica said...

You amaze me. And make me a little envious of your industriousness! Is that a word? :) I love the knitting organizer. It reminds me of a similar felt bag that my Mom used to have to keep our good Sunday silverware in! It even tied shut with a ribbon!

Christy said...

Way to go. I love the color and fun pattern on the needle bag. Plus the diagonal on the wrap. Smart. Oh and the pockets. Nice! How do the socks fit? Delightful that you're on to the poncho already. Go, lady!

Becky said...

I love the pocket across the top! I have a needle kit I picked up eons ago at a tag sale but of course it only holds some of my needles. It seems that every new project I set out to do requires new needles!

jenny_o said...

These projects are lovely to the eye. And it must be nice to have the handles from the original bag in your new one - a bit of the old added to the new.

A said...

I feel like being called Industrious is the highest compliment.

These are love-e-ly. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Thanks for describing how you did the bag--I'd like to try such a yellow zig-zag strip to affix something to another fabric.


Sarah Barry said...

I feel like you are cranking out some great projects, and I know it must be so satisfying. You are totally inspiring me!

Though I told myself no sewing (except for mending) for this season of my life. I have so little patience, and I'm constantly interrupted.

The big handles on the new bag look fabulous, and as always you do the best patchwork quilt style. Perfection!