Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Cloudy Bib at the Beach

Phoebe is now drooling, and I wanted a handwork project for all the car rides I've been taking recently (the beach, as you can see on this post), so I concocted a bib.

I traced a bib Phoebe has. I used a scrap of the clothesline fabric from Genevieve's nightie, backed it with red gingham, and put a scrap of bamboo batting in the middle.  I had purchased bamboo batting to make nursing pads because it is supposed to be super absorbent. I put the fabric layers right sides together with the batting on bottom, sewed them around the edges leaving a hole to turn the whole thing right side out.  Then I topstitched to close the hole and give a neat look (note to self:  put the hole on a straight edge, not a curved edge, for easier closing).  Then, the handwork!

I outlined the clouds in blue floss in backstitch, the one embroidery stitch I have memorized.  I love the effect, although the backstitch is not as pretty on the back, so the bib is not really reversible like it would be if I had just used a big-stitch quilting effect in perle cotton. (photos courtesy of my husband via my phone)

But I am on the hunt for more reasons to outline shapes on fabric - it's fun and so easy!


  1. Oh, my gosh, Margo! So adorable. And that last photo of Phoebe looking up, very cute.

  2. Oh heavens! That last photo is purely sublime!

  3. Fabulous photos of both of you. Love it!

  4. I love, love, love those wobbly baby cheeks! The bib is pretty.... but those cheeks! All I need is a Time-Turner to go back and kiss my baby again like that (who just lost his first tooth)....

  5. I love the bib and I love the photos too! Phoebe is just gorgeous.

    I need an excuse to outline fabric pictures too :)

  6. Those are precious.

  7. Love, love, love these pics! The bib is precious and the momma and baby are delightful! Oh how sweet baby kisses are!

    ~Shannon from WV

  8. Oh, she's so sweet.

    So, I'm not the only one hating outfits soaked by drool! I've always been big on bibs in this stage, but since moving to GA, I've had a few funny comments from people asking "why the bibs?"

    Baby's bib is really cute.

  9. Oh, the sweetness! What great photos!

    I love this idea for bibs. I'll have to check my stash of material for candidates!

  10. Ah! That third photo!!!!!! Her face!!!

    The bibs are great, too. But ah, the bebe.


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