Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For the Museum Store

Just a new batch of things to consign at the museum store, at the request of the manager (local readers are welcome to email me to get more details).  I'm really slow at sewing these days, with my energy going mostly to other projects.

I do so enjoy working within the limits of my stash.  Here I used a stained vintage chicken-scratch apron to line a clothespin bag, carefully working it to avoid the stains and get the apron pocket to peep out of the opening. And I used another page from the vintage children's fabric book on the back.

And when I made the hotpads, I limited myself to my small-scraps box.  I sort my scraps into two boxes:  big scraps (approximately a half yard) and small scraps.  The rest of my fabric is yardage, folded on shelves. I usually put my hand in, pull out a small scrap and see what else I can scrounge to go with it.  This time, the lavender with the earth tones was a pleasurable surprise.

After the French press cosy and the hanging hand towels, I managed to squeeze out a new hand towel for the shop.  A nice red-and-white towel for your Scandinavian or Christmas longings.  See it here.


  1. I have been trying to do some hand sewing for our annual craft fair; what a time for my carpal tunnel problem to ramp up :( Your beautiful work, beautifully photographed, makes my fingers itch to get busy. Ah well, at least machine sewing, rather than no sewing, is a possibility!

  2. Love all your projects! I have been thinking about trying to make some hot pads! Love the hanging hand towels too!

  3. Really love to see your lovely sewn items! It's fun to see what others put together. Sometimes I stare at my scraps and pieces too long and can't make a decision! It seems like you put yours together in a carefree manner and it works beautifully! It looks like you have some nice old treasures to work with. Shauna

  4. Margo.such pretty things come from your scrap bin.. Love it.

  5. Such satisfaction in creating, isn't there?

    I think of you every time I use my pretty hot pads, crayon rolls...gosh I've got lots of your pieces! I'll be pulling out the happy burp cloths in coming weeks...


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