Monday, October 27, 2014

A New Nightie

Suddenly, as it happens with children, Genevieve's summer nightie was tight across the chest.  I decided to go ahead and make her a new one because this fall has been so mild.  I used the same pattern as this nightie (the outgrown one) and this one, just made it a bit wider and a lot longer.  I'm hoping it will last for several years.

This fabric is adorable laundry line fabric that I bought new because I fell in love with it, something I hardly ever do.  I was thinking of a dress for Genevieve, but I kept hesitating because the light background was bound to be grubby and stained in no time.  I love it as a nightie, and she particularly loves the long swishy length.

Genevieve is nine now, and I'm way behind because I have no photos of her birthday  (the grandmas do) or her exquisite new bangs.

My dear pretty girl.


  1. What a darling nightie! She is a sweet, pretty girl, with a lovely mother.

  2. It's perfect - love the sleeves and hem...too cute ; )

  3. NINE!!! And so tall!!

    That nightie is great. I have some random strange fabric that I've purchased for the sheer love of it without knowing what to do with it. I would love to make *myself* a long swishy nighty. I'm a huge fan of the nightgown, as opposed to the 'pajama set' but I only have one nightgown. Need to remedy.

    I love the sleeves!!

  4. I see why you bought that fabric. And it's perfect for nightgown.

    Adorable nightie and girl :)

  5. So cute! (girl and nightie, both) It is so nice to sew for an appreciative wearer, isn't it?

  6. Adorable nightgown..Genevie looks so pretty in it and happy too..
    Such cute fabric..


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