Thursday, May 8, 2014

Violets in the Kitchen

We picked violets and brought them into the kitchen, instead of the vase. We have never put a chemical on our yard because we're not manicured-grass kind of people; the side benefit is organic edibles!

photo by Genevieve

dandelion, violet, and water "soup"
I pressed some violets into spicy sugar cookies, sprinkled them with coarse sugar, and baked them.  Pretty!  Next time I would cut the cookies even smaller or else use several violets per cookie.

Then I boiled up some water and let it cool down.  According to a tip on Pinterest, boiled water makes clear ice cubes.  I froze a tray of ice cubes with violets in them.  I don't have a plan in mind, but it will be nice to pull the pretty ice cubes out for a party or a simple glass of lemonade.


Jennifer Jo said...

Those violet cookies are preciously quaint.

And please share the end results of the violet ice, 'kay?

Lisa said...

Oh, nice! But you've given me pause - I was going to fry up some dandelions today and now I'm wondering if there are chemicals on our lawn. I know my brother spread lime on it - I'll have to ask him. It's raining today, anyway, so I wouldn't pick the wet flowers for frying.

BLD in MT said...

What simple, brilliant ideas! I mean, who doesn't want a pretty little purple flower in their glass or cookie?!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

How nice.. the cookies look yummy and I can just "taste" some lemonade with the pretty violet ice cubes.. Enjoy.

jenny_o said...

So pretty - I love the thought of a violet within an ice cube. Yay for no chemicals in your yard!