Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fixing Up Sleep Clothes

My husband looked over at the t-shirt I was wearing at breakfast one morning and laughed. Yes, it was his old t-shirt with a streak of yellow paint (house trim) on it. I filched it out of his stack because I thought he wouldn't notice, and I am scrambling between summer and winter pajamas these days with several layers.  He told me I could have it.  And I suddenly needed to cover up that paint.

So I took some tiny scraps and sewed them right on the shirt - no interfacing, no finished edges.  I also covered up the Hanes logo because it didn't look dreamy enough.  I used 2 blue and white flannel clouds, one on the inside, one on the outside.

Related, the elastic was shot on a pair of my pajama pants.  Sometimes I just sew new elastic on top (like this mend), but this time, I had a better idea:  I cut off the elastic and attached a new waistband entirely, using fabric from a yellowed, vintage pillowcase.  The drawstring has a section of elastic in the back - so much more comfortable than a total drawstring and so much better looking than a total elastic waistband.

To play with fabric like this was so fun and easy - I encourage you to go patch up your pajamas!  Apparently, my sleepy look is shabby chic.  Who knew?


BLD in MT said...

How did you know that just yesterday I told Matt it was time to do something with my favorite flannel night gown as it was more holes that gown!! :)

Your upgrades look nice and I hope they serve you well!

Dianna said...

Very nice! I need to repair my pajama pants: the top of the waistband is wearing out, and I think I'll do mine just like you did yours. Very nice.

jenny_o said...

I've never had to patch, as I wear nightgowns that just get more and more transparent and fragile all over the top half ... but now that you've got my brain engaged, I can see a T-shirt, an empire waistline and a perfectly good bottom half of a nightgown making an appearance at my house soon. Thanks for the jump start :)

Lisa said...

Excellent, and charming.

Unknown said...

I use polar fleece pj bottoms in the winter, with a men's round neck, heavy, long sleeve tee shirt. Perfect!

Polly said...

Oh, how cute!!

I am currently undergoing a pajama crisis. I desperately want to get back to the nightgowns of my youth, but ladies' gowns are expensive. (And I find the 'plain' sleep-shirt type of nighties rather dull.) I love J Peterman and April Cornell nightgowns, but they are really very expensive. So I'm still limping along in 10-year-old satiny jammies my husband gave me, plus a few tees plus flannel bottoms that I have worn through pregnancies and newborn days!

I really love your shabby chic sleepwear style. I could embrace that!