Thursday, September 12, 2013

Everyday Details

Here is a collection of details from my life, organized after Leila and Rosie's method of pretty/happy/funny/real

These old fabric patches are pretty.  They came to me from my cousin via my aunt.  My cousin and his household started a quilt and then gave it up.  I am thrilled to get the patches - beautiful calicos, feedsack, and seventies prints.  My plan is to make a patchwork picnic quilt, but I'm already chewing on the idea that I might like this fabric too much to allow it to be slung on the ground or tossed in the trunk. . .

Here are my happy children, washing the front porch.  If a chore involves water, my children are all over it.  Our porch gets incredibly grimy from the traffic and, this summer, road construction.  That does not mean we wash it more often (this was the first time this summer), just that the water is blacker when we do.

We used about 20 minutes before bedtime one night - I was so pleased at how fast it went and then they washed their feet, put their dirty clothes in the hamper, and put on their pajamas.

I thought it was funny when I blazed around the house making the cord tacos that my children came along in my wake, crafting and creating, too.  Genevieve's crafting spurt also happened after I allowed her to hang over my shoulder as I looked at my Pinterest feed.  She put a flashlight in a mason jar that she covered with fabric.  I don't know what Ben is making - probably some paper food for the dollies.

Here is my real confession:  I made adorable little yogurt panna cotta cups for packed lunches.  I had made them once before and thought them a little flavorless, but this time, they really were, despite the extra honey and nutmeg I added and the pretty blackberries on top.  Furthermore, the panna cotta separated into odd layers after a few days and the children refused to eat them.  Not to be outdone by them and the compost pile, I blendered the panna cotta into breakfast smoothies one morning. 


Deanna Beth said...

Hey, I like Little Miss's French braids!

sillygirl said...

I'm with you on creating something new from flops - some of my best creations can't be done again unless I make several recipes that flopped. I can't stand waste so they get my creative juices flowing.

Anonymous said...

My kids get very inspired by my pinterest board too. Maybe I should open it for them more often.
Visiting via LMLD. Blessings, Annie

Anonymous said...

I wish my kids would be inspired by my pinterest boards, lol. My teens are too busy pinning pictures of Doctor Who. :)

jenny_o said...

Creativity nourishes more creativity. It's a wonderful talent to have and to encourage!

Like Deanna Beth, I was noticing your daughter's French braids, too - good job.