Monday, February 18, 2013

The Heart of the Matter

We kept Valentine's Day super-simple this year.  Genevieve was required to give a valentine to each child in her class, and Ben's was optional, but he wanted to join in, so he made valentines for each of his classmates, too.

I bought heart stickers for them.  Then I dug out plain cards and envelopes that I already had.  We helped Ben write the name of each classmate and his name on each card.  He put on a sticker and decorated it with colored pencils a bit.  That was it.

Genevieve made hers a little fancier because she's older and has skills, but still, both children completed their valentines largely by themselves.  One child thought it was fun for about two cards and then whined and complained the rest of the way, but I forced that child to finish the project because I think it's important to learn how to finish things.  Plus, I wasn't going to go out and buy cards, nor did I want to spend the time doing a Pinterest-cuteness project.  I want my children to focus on the point of the special day:  giving a little of themselves to their friends in a special note.

And even though I was sick on Valentine's Day, it didn't really ruin any plans; I don't know, my husband and I just play it differently each year depending on our mood. 

This year, I hid a bag of chips from him a few weeks ago because I eat snacks more slowly than he does and I didn't want to share.  He laughed uproariously when he was fixing something and found them. I was very embarrassed, as I had never hidden things from him before. 

Just before Valentine's Day, he put a big box wrapped in comics and a bow on the table for me.  It was a three-pound bag of chips.  Yes, three pounds. That man.  He sure knows the way to my heart! And the funny thing is, I want to share these chips because I can just imagine how fat I'd get if I hoarded all three pounds for myself!

How was your Valentine's Day this year?  Fancy?  Low-key like mine?


Lisa said...

Three pounds of chips? I can't imagine it. :D

Zoë said...

You guys are hilarious!

We do Valentine's a lot like you...mostly nothing but we'll celebrate a bit if we feel like it! This year I made Brad's favorite supper (honey baked chicken!) and we ate in the dining room, though that was mostly because there was a puzzle set up on the kitchen table.

jenny_o said...

My goodness, I didn't know you could buy a bag of chips that big! What a funny and endearing thing to do!

I hide snacks for the same reason :)

I had a meeting on Valentine's Day evening, so our celebrations consisted of exchanging cards ... then I got sick so we haven't had a chance to have some time for us yet. I will need to make sure it happens.

Sweet photo of your kids!

Hazel said...

Haha! I have been known to hide snacks from my husband, otherwise they just disappear! It's usually the children that find them though...

Our Valentine's Day is usually low key. It has the same effect on me as New Years Eve; I bristle at being told how to feel on a certain day!
As a celebration it's still very much aimed at couples in the UK. No mention of it at school (I was very surprised that Genevieve was required to send cards to her class mates- my children would be far too embarrassed to do that, and I think that's a general feeling here. It would feel a bit awkward) and the card my youngest made at Brownies was for her dad and me.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know we're not alone - my husband hides chocolate from me and I hide chips from him! We both know and admit our weaknesses. :-) Vicki

Polly said...

That is so funny! I tend to squirrel things away at times too. My husband LOVES dark chocolate almonds, as do I, from our natural foods store. When I buy a batch, I will divide some out for me and tuck them away somewhere b/c he goes through them so much faster, in general, than I do!!

Our valentines here were construction paper cards decorated with already-owned stamps, stickers, and little drawings. Super simple, and I didn't do any work! My husband and I exchange cards and kind sentiments (and he usually gives me chocolate)....and that's us! Every few years we do a bigger thing, usually dinner out somewhere!

Soliloquy of Food said...

That's a man after my own heart.....3 pounds of chips!

BLD in MT said...

Aw, what an unconventionally touching valentine's day story! What a thoughtful and hilarious gift your husband came up with. I like it a lot. We just ate extra good food and enjoyed a quiet night a home which is just perfect if you ask me.

And might I add that I quite enjoy that you don't just buy premade and thus generic valentines. It means so much more to have something original.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Margo.. that was such a touching story.. I totally enjoyed it.. I laughed and laughed. I could just see your face, when you got caught.. and opening the 3 lb bag of chips.. What a wonderful hubby.. [he had a winner that time.ha]. And just all will get to eat chips for a long while.
Love the kids making their own valentines.. Wish more parents spent time, teaching their kids these things.. I so admire you.
Love the little bag on the back of the cute.Did you make it?
We also do a low key Valentines day.. My watch had broke a week or so before Val day.. and Kenny came in with me a watch.. Very thoughtful and needed gift..

Margo said...

Sew Blessed, thanks for your kind comments.
Yes, I did make the bag. It's in this post:

Sarah Barry said...

3 lbs of chips?! ha. there is nothing like a potato chip. they are my weakness.

this year we had a nice meal at home. and i bought a pretty bouquet of pink roses (on sale) later in the week.