Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Put My Pearls in a Seashell

My dear children are forever giving me things.  It is so so generous and endearing, but what on earth do I do with them all?

Here is a seashell that Genevieve picked up at the beach and played with for a while.  One evening she arranged a "show" for my husband and me, and in her charming logic, there were prizes at the end of the show. This seashell was one of my prizes.

I put my pearls in it on my dresser tray.  These are cultured pearls I bought for myself when I was 18 and newly pierced.  Originally they were quite expensive, but I bought them for 80%-off because the jewelry store was going out of business.  I wore them to the pearl party and told the story of how I talked my dad into ripping up my bedroom floor for me because I thought one had gone down a crack; I found it just in time, thank goodness.  I treasure my pearls.

The pearls snuggled in the seashell make me happy.  But boy, you can see the dust on the photo.  I didn't do my Friday cleaning last week because I was reserving all my returning strength for the pink paint.  Tomorrow, it will be clean!


jenny_o said...

That is such a perfect use for your daughter's shell. Your earrings look so ... at home ;)

Sarah Barry said...

Isn't it great to have the perfect little place for something so treasured?! Also, I adore your tray that all these things are stored on. So pretty.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Genevievie is the most adorable child.. How sweet that she chose to give little gifts.. What a treasured gift, and how clever that mom made a special showcase of those "special" pearl ear rings. I just know that Genevievie will remember this always..
ps I couldn't see dust at all. Looks beautiful..

ChatterBlossom said...

That is a super cute idea to hold your pearls! Love it!