Friday, January 11, 2013

Knitting for a Car Trip

I'm going away this weekend, and my first thought was what handwork I could do in the car.  So I'm picking up the socks again.  I did not progress well on them last winter, but this time, I got them off to a good start with minimal fuss and only one youtube tutorial, so I'm hopeful.

I'm sitting at this very desk in my room, typing to you (and eating the last piece of sour cherry pie from the last Christmas gathering).

Actually, I'm feeling a knitting period coming on.  I saw Jodi's scarf.  I saw Leila's shawl.  I want to make both those things.  I foresee lots of weekly knitting as I watch Downton Abbey on the PBS website (no TV here, and generally no desire to go out into the cold and dark on Sunday nights to someone else's TV).

That's my happy little coaster that I made for my room a while back.  I noticed it as I was snapping a photo of the future sock this morning.
I'm feeling apathetic about sewing right now and I haven't explored why.  Occasionally I rouse myself to quilt a bit on Ben's quilt.  I'm sure all creative people have these waves, so I'm just going to ride it up and down.  Happy weekend to you!


Hazel said...

Love the shawl. I quite fancy a shawl.

I'm knitting quite a lot at the moment- I think it's the weather. I have 2 sets of socks to knit, neither of which I've had much luck with, but I think I'm ready to have another go!

I knitted a moebius loop cowl for my mum's birthday, which was fun, and 2 other non-moebius cowls, both for gifts. Knitting in the round meant nothing trailing all over the place when knitting in waiting rooms etc, which was handy; part of the reason why I want to master knitting socks- nice and portable.

Julian said...

I hope you have safe and happy travels. You always knit wonderful things. Downtown Abbey was great. The new season should be exciting.

Tracy said...

Speaking of the PBS website, if you haven't already done so you should check out Call the Midwife. I like it even BETTER than Downton!

jenny_o said...

I'm eyeing your little cushion - I think it's a pincushion, but don't the heads of the pins make it look like a little beaded cushion? So cute.

Leila said...

My knitting has hurt my wrist, so I'm happy to be quilting again! I like setting up a couple of projects and then bouncing in between them. You should definitely do that with the socks and the quilt. The socks will be so cute with that wool, and the quilt will be fabulous! can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Good for you with giving the socks another go! I bought lovely wool to make my husband socks not long after I met him over 12 yrs. ago. Then I didn't finish them (or even finish the first one!). I re-started them a few yrs. back, with the same results. He likes to joke that I didn't bother with them after we got engaged (and I didn't have to do anything wildly impressive anymore)! Maybe this is my year for socks too. You might have inspired me to pull them out and surprise him with them, though hiding them would be tricky around here. I did recently come across them when I was digging through yarn for making some Christmas gifts (that weren't, of course, socks). Shauna

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Hope you have a safe /happy trip this weekend..
Have fun knitting.. And the sewing want to..will return.. It happens all the time..
Love your coaster..

jodi inkenbrandt said...

I always love your projects! I hope you have a good trip this weekend and make lots of good progress on those socks :) I still have yet to watch any of Downtown Abbey, but I think that's next on my list.