Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fancying up Coffee Cans

I saw on Pinterest directions to use spray adhesive to cover a can with fabric.  My husband had some spray adhesive left from building models in grad school, so I chose a piece of pretty fabric and set to work.

It was quick, but then I had nasty glue on my hands that took a long time to come off.  But the can was pretty enough.

Then I organized my cache of scarves and sorted out the little things like neck bows, fabric flowers, and velvet collars.  I thought of repeating the glue process with another can. . . but no, a serendipitous solution was in my scrap box!  A piece of leftover patchwork from the comforter in that very bedroom, which I had finished and quilted a few years ago as a scarf or table runner or something, which is why it languished in my scrap box.

I simply taped the cut end to the can and wrapped the can, tying the thing on with a nice blue ribbon.  Cute!  Functional!  Much more satisfying than buying a new box from a store.

The wrapped can resides on the new bedroom shelves where it gives the matching white boxes a nice little jolt.


Julian said...

I really enjoy seeing your ideas about making new things out of the old,and all the other thrifty goodness! Cute cans!

ChatterBlossom said...

Very cute idea! I need to do about a million of these for all my little buttons and trinkets!

AmyK said...

I've discovered (thanks to the blog world!) that modge podge works well when covering containers with fabric. You brush it on with a foam brush, lay on the fabric and then brush over top of the fabric again. It washes off pretty well too. There are a variety of modge podge options - I used an all-purpose one and it worked well. I even recovered some shoes using it!! The only down side I found was that the fabric can have a bit of a sheen after it's dried. But still fun.

Roxie700 said...

You do not need to use modpoge to fix fabric to a coffee can. I do this all the time with baby formula cans. (I do home child care) I use plain old Elmer's glue. You mix it with a bit of water to thin it down. Wet your fabric with water. Dip your wet fabric in the watered down glue and then apply to the can. While it is still wet you can adjust it. It will be dry in about 24 hours.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

This is soooo cute.. Love them

jenny_o said...

The colours in your quilted scrap are lovely. What a nice result! Looks so pretty with the white boxes.

Sarah Barry said...

I have 2 coffee cans I have not been able to part with, but are so ugly as is. Something like this would be great.