Thursday, December 6, 2012

Daily Life

I'm linking up with Leila's collection of pretty, happy, funny real. A lovely way to tabulate daily life!

Here is the pretty part, another batch of goodies off to local consignment.

The happy part.  A friend from church offered me a little box of unfinished patchwork she found among her mother's things.  This friend is a quilter, too, but she gave them to me.  I now have several of these delicious projects that were given to me that I have no set purpose for, so they keep getting pushed off the list by daily things. 

The funnies.

Ben's dinner, done.

Ben's plate is cleared, leaving a perfect ring of noodles.  That boy.

Then there's the real part. There are so many things to choose from! 
Here is a new recipe I tried: mashed sweet potatoes molded around marshmallows, rolled in crushed cornflakes, and baked. Lots of butter was involved. Now, I'm not really in the camp of those who love marshmallows with their sweet potatoes, but as I had bought marshmallows for an early fall cookout that got rained out and as this recipe was highly recommended, well, I thought I should try.
The kids loved them (anything + marshmallows = great). My husband and I were tepid; these balls were not more than the sum of their parts.   Plus, in trying to get the cornflake coating crispier, I baked the balls longer than the recipe stated, which made the marshmallows puff and pop the encasing potatoes.

I liked them all right with siriacha.


Rebecca said...

Oh my garsh. You did not put siriacha on marshmallow sweet potatoes. That, darling, is the frozen limit.

Margo said...

Sweet potatoes and hot sauce are delicious, thank you very much. (grin)

Miri said...

Oh, my. The lovely handmade things you are putting in consignment ... and the gift from a quilting friend! It sounds like the holidays are upon you.

BLD in MT said...

Oh that plate photo brought a smile to my face!

I don't really like marshmallow in any fashion except s'mores. I always thought the sweet potatoes were sweet enough. I've never tried sweet potatoes and hot sauce, but as I like hot sauce on just about everything I just might!

Jill Foley said...

My girls have a thing for marshmallows, too. Maybe this is how I can get them to eat more sweet potatoes!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I see that you are Mennonite - my husband and I graduated from Eastern Mennonite University back in the 90s.

Margo said...

Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by. I didn't go to EMU, but I have lots of friends who did! I'm sure we could play the Mennonite game and figure it out.

Leila said...

Thanks for joining! I love seeing your projects.
As a PLAIN sweet potato lover, butter and salt only, I shudder :) At thanksgiving I might put some rum, brown sugar, and nuts in my sweet potatoes, but then I always wish that they were just plain :)

Margo said...

Leila, I really do like sweet potatoes sans sugar. Combined with savory ingredients is my favorite way - I doubt I will stray into marshmallow territory again!