Monday, September 12, 2011

A Morning in My Kitchen

The weather is cooler, and I find myself in the kitchen more.  Last week, one morning, I snapped photos of what I was doing.
I roasted tomatoes, per Jennifer Jo's instructions and inspiration.

Mine were not paste tomatoes, so I think I should have roasted them longer. . . but the house did smell like a Tuscan granny's, so I was happy.

The first butternuts are in market!  We make a big deal out of making Genevieve her first pumpkin pie.  I baked the butternut with the tomatoes.

Carrot tops waiting for a run down to the freezer - I'll save them to make stock.

I made the pudding I was raised with: Graham Cracker Pudding.  Probably the final pudding of the summer.

And chopped cheap bell peppers to freeze.  Three for $1 at market (but they HAD been four for a dollar a few weeks ago!)  First they freeze on a cookie sheet, then I scoop them into bags.  They are loose, so I can just take out the amount I want instead of defrosting a whole bag.

Sometimes I wonder what to blog about because I've got most of my activities On the Record.  Look at all those links above - I've written about this stuff already.  My default blog posts are the new things, the improved stuff. . . but that is not representative of my quotidian work!  Really, as I think here, I see that this blog does add another layer of purpose to the work I love.  I reflect more because I'm writing about how I keep house and care for my family. And you are part of the richness too - thank you for your comments and conversation.


Jacinta said...

You're welcome! hehe.
How about you get that RIT dye out love and write us a new post about that? ;)
I am planning out a list of things to do in the SUMMER here! YAHOO. SUNSHINE!
have a great day xo

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

And thank you for sharing! You always inspire me.

Lisa said...

Yes, blogging is very positive - at least to me. I have to look for something good or worthwhile to share. So, I'm having to look at my life in a better light.

So, you can just freezed the chopped peppers - no need to blanch?

Anonymous said...

Roasting tomatoes is one of my favorite things, and sometimes I get so excited that I end up tossing them with olive oil and pasta because I can't wait any longer to eat them. (we're excited about squash too) Gee, I've missed you!

Margo said...

Lisa, no need to blanch peppers to freeze! So easy and so useful this winter for chili and soup.

Mary said...

I love freezing peppers! I picked up 3-4 dozen last week when they were 3/$1 here as well. I dehydrated about half of them and then my husband prepped the rest for the freezer. We'll be happily using them while the price climbs back up to the ridiculous norm.