Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Salade Necoise

The version of salade necoise that I use varies with what I have on hand.  I got the idea from More with Less, but I've eaten different versions in restaurants, most notably a French restaurant in Montreal with A.  I love salade necoise in all its versions! (And I had a room mate in college whose name was Necois. . .she taught me some cooking tricks).

My version of salade necoise is potato salad on a bed of lettuce, with cucumbers and tomatoes, a steamed, chilled green vegetable, some tuna, and fresh herbs and a vinaigrette over all.  I used frozen peas this time, as we had just picked and eaten our green beans a few days ago.  I usually like salade necois with good bread, but yesterday there was dessert instead.

Saturday:make Aunt Linda's Potato Salad
chill a can of tuna
wash, dry lettuce
chop cucumbers

Sunday morning:
defrost frozen peas
make vinaigrette

Sunday noon:
put the tuna in a serving bowl
slice tomatoes
snip fresh herbs from the backyard
set the table

The dessert was a variation of eclair dessert that I made up.  I made a batch of vanilla cornstarch pudding, and layered it with chocolate graham crackers.  Then I put peanut butter icing over the top.  I allowed it to sit for a few days in the fridge.  The flavor was great, but there should have been more pudding in my opinion.

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BLD in MT said...

Neat dessert idea. How cleverly simple. I never bother making eclairs, but I might manage this one!