Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Popsicles after SSR

 My husband, who is at home with the children while I'm at my job, has taught them Silent Sustained Reading (SSR).  No more naps for Ben, because he was having a hard time falling asleep at night.

 And after SSR, there are popsicles.  The yellow ones are leftover pouring custard.

The orange popsicles are apricot nectar.

 Check out that hair!  Genevieve loves to style hair and this time, her hanky was involved for some Bohemian chic.


You Can Call Me Jane said...

I remember SSR oh so well. I should start using that term in our house, too:-).

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Love SSR. Love homemade popsicles. Love little girls who are into glamour hair. Love active little boys... but not the loss of the napping hour.

Margo said...

ah, Christian, napping hour is not LOST, just transformed. I am a much better mother when my children don't talk to me for an hour every afternoon :)

Beth said...

Looks like yummy summer fun!

kyleann33 said...

What a wonderful idea! I've read about families who have a quiet hour in their bedrooms after the children outgrow naps, and I think SSR is the perfect plan!