Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ben Goes to Camp

I offered to make him a bag of sorts to hold his toiletries (try explaining that word to a kid, eh?) and he chose the whimsical leopards. 

We've tried to coax as many details and stories out of Ben as possible, but the tangible evidence of camp is the amount of clothing that did not return with him.  He had a smattering of other boys' socks and undies. The sunscreen disappeared too, even though I had scrawled our name on it with Sharpie. 

However, this is nothing compared to my brother's camp experience when he was a boy.  He left for wilderness camp for a week with a neatly-packed duffle bag and returned home with it at the end of the week, untouched.  Still packed.  Not one thing used out of it.  Kids and camp!


Becky said...

My girl always takes a stack of t-shirts to camp to swap for other girl's t-shirts.

Rachel said...

Love this!! John's going to camp for the first time this year and is SO excited.

Hazel said...

Whenever my son goes to Scout camp I find his toiletries bag clean, dry and untouched at the bottom of his rucksack :)

jenny_o said...

That is hilarious about your brother's experience :) The only time I ever went to camp we faithfully wore clean clothes every day and washed/brushed morning and night ... girls and boys can be very different :)

Love the photos in last post and this. Your bigs are getting SO big!

Shauna said...

AAhhh, camp experiences. At least your boy came home with the nifty bag you sewed! And yes your brother's story is hilarious, your Mom must have been bewildered!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I love how your older daughter is holding the baby and peeking at Ben under her arm! Great picture!


Lana said...

LOL!!! One of our daughters came back from camp with only one pair of underwear and it took me a couple of weeks with laundry for 7 that she did not have underwear in her pile. Bleh! Our youngest son graduated from college and proudly declared that he had made it through four years on one bottle of laundry detergent. No wonder he smelled so gross when we saw him!


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