Monday, August 17, 2015

Beach Girls 2015

We didn't even go near the beach; we just laid around C's lovely new house and talked and talked and cooked and napped and took a walk.  Some people may have even gone for jogs, but that was not me.  It was perfect and, of course, eminently manageable with a baby.

We'll probably try for the beach next year, which will be our 23rd year.  We don't do that math very often, so it's a bit startling. Are we old now?  Sometimes wise, sometimes condemned to repeat our personal irritations over and over, surprised at how often we struggle under burdens, surprised by goodness in places we did not look for it . . . we always seem to be able to speak freely to each other, the best kind of love and comfort, I think.  I am so very grateful for these women and the time we take every summer to be together.


harknessangels said...

Looks like such a relaxing and recharging time!

BLD in MT said...

What a gift of time with those you care so much about--an amazing, delightful, tradition.

Lana said...

Oh baby girl! Stop growing up SO fast!

jenny_o said...

What a sweet picture of your baby :)

Women friends - how I value mine. That is a beautiful setting for a get-together.

Rachel Weaver said...

"Sometimes wise" can be the most painful sort. Why haven't I figured it out yet?


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