Friday, May 2, 2014

Mailboxes in the Garden

I found this idea on Pinterest:  keep small gardening tools and gloves in a mailbox next to your garden.  They're available and protected from the weather and bugs.

After a fruitless search for old mailboxes for sale, I emailed my church listserv to see if anyone could give some hints.  Instead, I got offers for 3 old mailboxes and a fourth offer to salvage a discarded one from roadside.  Wonderful!  I accepted 2 mailboxes.

The green one from Roger and Rosalyn, tucked in next to the raspberries and the overflow compost bin, holds my garden tools and gloves.

The adorable old house from Sheldon and Naomi keeps the miscellaneous bunny supplies together:  comb, clippers, leashes, and treats.

Our church listserv is an incredibly useful resource.  Offers, answers, questions, and events are posted frequently.  People find housing, vacations, tickets, and lost items, thanks to the listserv. Does someone need plants?  Just email the listserv - I'm dropping off hostas today to a church friend, with a promise for irises once they're done blooming.

Our neighbors' yard, with a carpet of violets and a blooming magnolia tree on the right. 


Rozy Lass said...

Well, I'm impressed! What a great way to share resources. Thanks for sharing the idea.

BLD in MT said...

That is a very clever idea. I might have to tap my local resources for a surplus mailbox.

Rebecca said...

Oh, heck! They want any more hosts? I'm covered up.

Anna said...

How brilliant! And I love the bunny hutch box. I may have to steal this idea. :)

A said...

Wow! We've got one in the garage that fell prey to neighborhood boys with rocks--this would be a great use for it!

jenny_o said...

Both really good ideas - the mailbox as weatherproof storage and the listserv as a resource. That bunny supplies mailbox is so cute!

Shauna said...

Yours look great! It is a super idea, helping to tidy and organize while looking cute! I have a large old mailbox in my garden too, I got it 8+ years ago (pre-children days), at a farm auction where my husband bought something, and it was part of the extra 'junk' thrown into the lot. I was thrilled!

Polly said...

That really is a cute and clever idea. My mind is turning with the spots where I can stash a cute mailbox o' supplies. I love it.


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