Saturday, September 14, 2013

Genevieve's Pale Blue Dress

Now, this project makes it onto the blog by the coat tails of thrift:  I did not make this dress.  My mother-in-law made it.  However, I explained in this post (flop #3) how there was leftover fabric from the bridesmaids' dresses at my wedding and how I attempted a dress with deplorable results.

Genevieve's dress is made from the horrible remnants of the dress I attempted. It is exquisite.  My mother-in-law is the real deal when it comes to sewing.


I, however, am faking the knowledge of altering the remaining, whole bridesmaid's dress that my mother-in-law saved and gave to me. Maybe next summer, chickies, when I feel daring enough.


Lisa said...

That is a terrific dress. And look at her, in the little grown-up shoes; very cute.

I read your sewing flops post - don't give up on sewing clothing, please! You do so well on everything else you make.

Eva Girl said...

Hurray for's! I had help from mine this week too : )

Hazel said...

It's beautiful. I wish either my mother or MIL could sew. (My mum is a great knitter)

Jennifer Jo said...

Sweetly simple. Lovely.

Julian said...

Pure sweetness! Christina

jenny_o said...

So classic and elegant, and G looks lovely in it!

I've been to read your sewing flops post. Still wiping my eyes :)

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Beautiful dress.. And the sweet /pretty model looks beautiful in blue.
How wonderful that your mil helped with the dress. And best wishes with your next one.

Roxie700 said...

One of the best ways to learn to sew is to "unsew" other garments. I often buy clothes at a thrift store for little money. Bring the item home, wash it, and then take it apart with a seam ripper. I save the buttons, zippers, etc. Then press the pieces flat. Now I have 'new' fabric to work with. I can make mistakes without much worry about the cost. It is a good way to try a new pattern to see if it fits well.


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