Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Goals 2013

This is the structure that we established this summer:

Monday - library with Dad
Tuesday - market with Mom, vacuum, clean kids' room
Wednesday - G cooking lesson with Mom, Mom pay bills/desk/inbox
Thursday - sketching with Dad
Friday - vacuum/dust house, day of reckoning for stuff, G piano lesson with Mom
Saturday - change sheets, clean bathroom

Daily: G feed rabbit, fold laundry, quiet time, help Mom and Dad with other chores, set table, clear table, clean up toys

(Last summer's schedule and some more explanation is here)


The notable changes:
1.  Genevieve and I are doing cooking lessons together.  More on that tomorrow.
2.  I separated cleaning the kids' room from the rest of the house cleaning.  I was getting too frustrated and it was getting short shrift.  I would really like to be more patient and detailed in teaching the children how to sort and organize their desks this summer.
3. My husband wants to teach the children some drawing principles. 
4.  We've always gone to the library randomly, usually when the adults needed something.  But now, we are experimenting with a regular library day because Genevieve has turned into a voracious reader.  It's exciting!  And way more economical to keep her in books by checking them out from the library.

Other than cooking lessons, I didn't make a list of specific tasks I want to teach the children this summer.  It might come to that, but for now, they are both handling the tasks we give them pretty well.  They are also both very grateful for quiet time after the obligatory kick-and-fuss-for-a-few-minutes.

This schedule will probably wiggle around some to accomodate lots of swimming at the pool this summer, but for now, we are really enjoying our relaxed, yet purposeful, days.


Jennifer Jo said...

1. Why does Mama get all the cleaning-with-kids tasks while Papa gets all the play-with-kids tasks?

2. You wash your sheets (voice rising in a shriek) EVERY WEEK???

3. Can't wait to hear about the cooking lessons!

Margo said...

1. Because I like schedules and things planned out - he does work with the kids on cleaning tasks, but he would hate to be pinned down to a specific time :) I mostly made this schedule and he bemusedly sometimes follows it when it's convenient. But believe me, I do sometimes have to hash out with him that I GET TO BE THE FUN PARENT, TOO.

2. Usually every week, but it's weather-dependent because I don't like sheets dried in the dryer. How often do you wash yours?

A said...

Jennifer Jo, you have my permission not to answer the 'How often do you wash your sheets' question.

Love this post.

However, important piece of information left out: WHERE does one get a 'I chews to be a bookworm' shirt??

Racheal Sanesh said...

Nice schedule Margo, doing chores with kids is really fun

Zoƫ said...

I need to be more organized like this. I think Jada could be doing more around here. My problem is, though, that I do NOT like to disturb the kids when they are playing nicely and then when they are bickering, I don't like to give chores as "punishment" or "something to do" because I don't want them to associate work with negative feelings.

Perhaps the answer to my question is to have a set time of day (right after breakfast?) for specific chores so I catch them at a time when they are relatively happy but not yet engrossed in play. This just takes that organization. Blah.

When do you get the kids to do their chores? I mean, the ones that obviously don't have specific times to do them (like dishes).

And I'm with JJ...can't wait to hear about cooking lessons!

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Cooking lessons- how wonderful! I could be doing more of this with my older two, but when I try the littlest one is not a happy camper (and yet not ready for some of the stuff the older ones can do). I can't wait to hear about what you do!:-)

Rozy Lass said...

All of the commenters sound like mothers of young children, may I add something as a mother of grown-up children? A schedule is the ideal, but real life interruptions happen and adjustments are made. Learning to work with Mom can be just as fun as playing with Dad. All my children thank me for teaching them to work, to clean, do laundry, cook, etc. I don't ever hear them thanking Dad for playing with them. When it seems like little progress is being made in training children, remember that they are on an 18 year program and that they truly are absorbing what you're teaching and when they finish their time, they really will be prepared to take their place as competent adults. Never give up, take advantage of teaching moments as they come up, rather than slavishly sticking to a schedule. Keep up the good work!

Julian said...

Oh yes! I am a scheduler ! After our trip to Florida I'm going to sit down and write one up. I like all the things you've planned. Great pictures too:).

nancy said...

I did something like that with our 3 kids, especially since we lived 3 blocks from a public library. Lots of great services there for kids. I think it's great to have things organized, it makes life go more smoothly. Once kids are used to regular routines it makes the education process, and much later job stuff seem more normal. And devolops a good work ethic. I hate seeing kids playing all summer on E devices and just wasting time. Playing is great but regular activities are better. Keeps them out of trouble and engages their creative and logical sides...

jenny_o said...

A suggestion for You Can Call Me Jane, above ... can your little one pretend to cook with play dough and cookie cutters, small rolling pin, etc. while you help the older two cook? (or even use a bit of real dough from whatever you are making, such as biscuits or bread)

I remember these days so clearly, Margo. The summers were not very structured at our home, but I think we all would have benefited if they had been more so, something like what you are doing. You are still leaving time for independent play, but the children are learning that other things need done and that even other fun things, like the library, can happen on a schedule and it gives something to anticipate. Good approach.

Margo said...

A, that awesome wonderful tee-shirt was a hand-me-down from someone and I can't remember who.

Zoe, we just kind of fit the chores in, but usually we try to get them done before we go do something fun. That is a great motivator! If the kids are playing nicely, I give them a 5 minute warning that chores are coming and I remind them that if they are speedy at their chores, they can hustle right back to playing. If they are bickering, I tell them it's time for a break from each other (quiet time) or something different (chores). The only time chores are meted out as "punishment" is if there is loud complaining, drama, and sassiness when a chore is assigned - then I tell them that I will continue to give them chores until I see that they can do them cheerfully and helpfully. I do try to avoid giving chores to hungry or tired kids, but the reality is that they so often are hungry or tired or both! So we talk about doing our work cheerfully because we like the results. Hm. Maybe I should do a post on some of the things I say to my children about work. . . .

Sarah Barry said...

great last pic of you and G.


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