Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finally, a Solution for Playing Out of Hymnals

Back when we toured a local historic farmstead, a musician was playing out of tight little hardcover music books from the 1800s.  He kept them open with large wooden clothespin-looking things.  I couldn't concentrate on his talk because I was staring at the wooden pins.

I love to play hymns out of my hymnals where I jot notes to myself on the margins, but it was a perennial problem to keep the hymnal open.  I was always propping it under books or grabbing at it as it flapped shut midway through the song.  I don't like to use the spiral-bound hymnal for accompanists at church (no notes!) and I don't want to make photocopies (an avalanche of paper!).

Clearly, I needed those wooden pins or their equivalent.

There are giant binder clips, but the ones I found were about $10 apiece.  Then, one day in the local art store, I came across large silver clips for $1.25 apiece. 

They work!  They are large enough to handle the biggest hymnal I have, and I am so pleased.   I haven't seen this solution among the musicians I know, but perhaps this is a common trick for professionals and I just missed it all these years.


jenny_o said...

Well, $1.25 sounds way better than $10 to me! I've seen people use an elastic band (run vertically). But the clips sound more paper friendly. I'd be afraid of ripping a page with an elastic.

Rozy Lass said...

Great idea for many kinds of books, thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

I'll be darned! I'm always trying to play while wedging the hymnal open with my elbow or some such make shift.

Julian said...

I am so glad you found a solution! I hate having to try to keep a hymnal open when I'm trying to play. I will definetly have to ho get some. Thanks!

Eva Girl said...

Genius! I'll have to share it with my Mom who plays piano.


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