Monday, June 17, 2013

A Hankie as Bandage

We went on a hike and Ben ran down the trail so hard he fell.  This is typical.  My sister the nurse just looks at him and shakes her head and wishes he would wear a helmet all the time. 


On this hike, I had bravely taken nothing with me.  Normally, I like to be prepared for every contingency, but for once I thought, oh, it's just a short hike, I'll leave my water bottle and knitting and bag in the car.  But after the bad fall, Ben's elbow was bleeding and he was under the impression that a band-aid would cure the pain.  I hesitatingly offered to tie my hankie-from-winter that was still lurking in my jeans around his elbow.  He was instantly comforted - why would he care if the hanky was partially used and linty?  I knew I could soak the blood out of the hankie in cold water.  We were all cheerful again. 

I am quite sure a tissue would not have been big enough or sturdy enough to tie around his elbow - let's hear it for cloth hankies in every pocket!


Rozy Lass said...

I carry hankies with me everywhere! They are so versatile. They don't fall apart when used, can be used multiple times, are softer than paper tissues, and are pretty. I don't even mind ironing them, it's a good excuse to slow down and watch part of a movie on a rainy day. I have lots of hankies and so many have memories attached to them, I couldn't part with them.

Eva Girl said...

Amen! Brava!

Rebecca said...

Oh, yes! And spills and dirty sunglasses and, if you're a member of my clan, you never know when you're going to have to boo-hoo. Never leave home without one.

Lisa said...

Oh, I've been a hanky lover since a nice lady in the church choir gave me three pretty ones for a gift many years ago. And when I was a nurses' aide in my teens, a resident was getting rid of some of her things and she had a huge stack of ones she'd crocheted and tatted edgings on - I took about half of them!

I still have stacks of hankies.

jenny_o said...

I'm with Ben - something to cover the scrape DOES help! Keeps the air from stinging it, maybe. Anyway, a very good use of hanky :)

With my allergies and sinus issues, I go through many, many tissues in the run of a day. I am tempted to carry a hanky just for the alternate uses.

BLD in MT said...

Always a good to have a hanky near by, isn't it....though I must say I've never had to use one for a bandage. I will keep that in mind though!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

OH what a sad face... and the hankie fixed it right up..Yea for Mama..[mama's always makes things feel better.]
Hope you enjoyed your hike.

AP said...

Love it! I get strange looks when using my hanky - people are concerned about germs I guess.

BLD in MT said...

AP - I offered a 100% clean, just-out-of-the-washer hankie to a guest at my home because the one bathroom was occupied. They refused to use it and instead waited to blow their nose until Matt was out of the shower. I had to smile to myself. Germs!


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