Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Breakfast Hamlet

Don't you picture a little village nestled in a green valley, with the lights coming on as the sky is lightening over the mountain?  And smoke rising from the inn, where the boy is out clattering the bucket at his chores? And breakfast with rich black coffee, finally, in front of an open hearth?


But this, my friends, is my husband's little breakfast hamlet:  scrambled eggs and mushrooms with a nice sharp cheddar, tucked into a folded piece of ham:  a hamlet.  "Ham-lette" - get it?

A side of hashbrowns.  A cup of hot black coffee.  Maybe a piece of sourdough toast with strawberry jam to finish things off.
Still a pretty dreamy breakfast, even if it's in a small city on a foggy winter morning.


BLD in MT said...

Ah, a breakfast pun...you guys are too much! : )

jenny_o said...

That is a fine-looking way to start the day :)

Marcia said...

Power breakfast, indeed! Thanks for sharing!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

Yummy!!! The hamlette sounds very good.

Eva Girl said...

Beautiful picture words - I can totally see that little hamlet too. The breakfast sounds good too! May have to try that for my husband some morning ; ) It's raining up here today - it snowed last week twice - now that snow is all gone. Silly winter weather!

Polly said...

Darling little ham-lett indeed!

And I had to be snapped out of the reverie induced by your first paragraph. I was *there* for a minute, I'm telling you! It was so nice!!!

Sarah Barry said...

a hamlet. how cute! looks yummy.


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