Monday, September 3, 2012

A Report on the Summer Goals

Summer is fading into fall - time to take a direct look at how our summer goals went.  Honestly, after I posted the paper on the fridge, I didn't look at it again.   Also, we enforced quiet time only when somebody, kid or adult, was tired and cranky.

Here are the goals from the original post - and my observations in purple below.

Goals for the 6-year old to learn:1. clean sinks
She can do a decent job on the bathroom sink, but I have to be nearby or she gets carried away with the vinegar spray.  We never progressed to Bon Ami and the kitchen sink.

2. spray and clean mirrors/windows
She does a good job on the bathroom mirror.  I ask her to clean the mirror and she gets out the supplies and does it!
She wanted to thread the needle.

3. use sewing machine [I need to find an owner's manual for her machine first]
After some frustrating research, I finally just purchased the PDF of the owner's manual and printed it out.  I finally set up the machine last week because I ran out of excuses when Genevieve reminded me that this was a summer goal (I know, there's no excuse for my behavior), and she enjoyed herself immensely.  When I suggested that I help her sew little napkins for her and Ben's lunchpails, she wasn't as thrilled.

4. vacuum a room
She can do a decent job, and she can get out and set up the vacuum by herself.  We made progress on this goal.

5. dust a room
Same outcome as the previous goal, vacuuming.  It's wonderful to have such good help!

Setting the table is becoming routine for them.  Hooray!

6. sweep a sidewalk
She is helpful, but my husband focused more on Ben for this goal.

7. wipe a counter or table - wringing a cloth
She can do it if I ask, but she has a hard time wringing the cloth out hard enough. She also finds loose bits tricky to deal with as she wipes up.

8. organize an area such as a drawer or desk of art supplies
Oh, I tried so hard to make progress on this goal!  But I think I still needed to dial down my instructions and make the tasks smaller.  We made very little progress on this goal.
Trying to sort the toys - poor dear.  Where is her mother?

Goals for the 4-year-old1. dust/wipe the steps
He does this well, but with excruciating slowness.

2. fold laundry
He can do this job with his sister without weeping.  He is remembering basic folding patterns from session to session, although he struggles to execute them.  Of course!  He's four!

3. sweep a sidewalk
His daddy supervised this goal usually on days when I was at my job.  He can do a pretty good job with some coaching.  His speed and focus have improved.


Ben has also become very good at taking all the rugs outside and shaking them so someone can vacuum.  Both children were excellent helpers with canning and preserving. Genevieve has become accustomed to drying dishes, and very soon, I will start her on washing.  She adores the idea of having her hands in all that water. 

This post was so helpful for me, because when I glanced at the list of goals at the end of the summer, I only noticed the goals that we had not progressed very far on.  Perish the thought -  we made good progress this summer!


Christian - Modobject@Home said...

That first photo of Ben sleeping... love, love, love. It's beautiful... the colors, the light, and the composition.

It's so easy to focus on what we haven't accomplished, isn't it? I'd say your family made great strides with your summer goals. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Jennifer Jo said...

This discipline---of setting goals and then assessing---intrigues me. I may have to follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! So lovely! I love your shop too! All items are beautiful. ^_^


jenny_o said...

You are doing well to get such cooperation from your little ones. It's hard to help them learn, when it's often quicker to do it yourself. Good job, all of you.

nancy said...

Wonderful photos! It's great that you're starting them early! I had my 4 year old sorting and folding laundry, organzing her toys, helping straighten her bed. At 10 I taught my girls how to do their laundry (supervised), etc. They're competent adults now :) Good for you!!!

BLD in MT said...

It is such a blessing to your children that you entrust them with such duties so young. They will grow up so much the better for it, if you ask me, which you didn't. And it looks like you made very good progress. Isn't it interesting to note though how we have a tendency to hone in on the things that we didn't get done instead of celebrating all that we did. Way to go, Margo. Good summer's work.

Sarah Barry said...

cute pics of them doing all their chores. and way to go mama for setting goals and teaching them!

mine are still so little, and things like this are not even on my radar. but my oldest could certainly start picking up his toys.

a goal is better than no goal...even if you only accomplish it to a small degree. that's my philosophy.


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