Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoofly Cake

. . .for breakfast. With peaches or blueberries or what have you on the side.  It's listed with desserts in my Mennonite Country-Style cookbook, but it's no different from some coffeecakes I've seen and probably healthier with its molasses.  It's wonderfully easy and not as rich as a pie.  Bake one on a cool sunshiny morning.


Jennifer Jo said...

Ahhh, so Mennonite!

And now I want one. (A shoofly cake, not a Mennonite.)

theheritagefarmgirl said...

I love Shoofly pie. But you are right sweet. Never had Shoofly cake.

Beth said...

I love the quaint names of some of the recipes! Gives them even more character and appeal!

Wish you and I could meet for coffee and any kind of cake! ;-)

Anna said...

I love recipes with molasses! Some of our favorite muffins are sweetened with it. Looks like a lovely breakfast you have there!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I've never had shoofly cake but have heard about it for nearly my whole life. I wish I could enjoy a piece in your pleasant house along with a cup of tea.


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