Monday, July 11, 2011

Heatproofing with Curtains and Blinds

I recalled the nailing heat of the sun last summer after our neighbors removed some trees that shaded our house.  My husband and I decided to try to block the sun as much as possible in this old kitchen space that leads out onto the balcony.  It's a mess and we haven't decided what we're doing with it yet.

We bought 2 outdoor blinds for the balcony ($80), and then I made curtains for the windows (free!).  This was such a satisfying project because the blinds were the only new thing.

My friend Kim had just helped her parents empty their attic in preparation for moving, and she gave me some fabric and dresser scarves her grandmother embroidered.  There were panels of this great home dec fabric - I didn't have to cut a thing.  I just sewed them together and backed them with old white muslin curtains in my stash.

Unfortunately, I measured the length for a pressure rod and even bought said rod, and then my husband found a regular curtain rod in the basement.  I cleverly forgot to adjust my math, so the curtains on the wall window are a bit short.  Tra-la, they're in the box room anyway!

All this sun blocking has made the upstairs noticeably cooler . . .and the only thing we bought were those shades.


beth said...

Great job! Just add a little white or green border to the bottom of the curtains and no one will know you made that little mistake! ;)

Anna said...

I love each of these re-dos. Especially those curtains! So satisfying, isn't it?

Margo said...

ooooh, Beth, great idea!

A said...

I'm making a note to say "Tra-la!" next time something doesn't turn out as I expected. It seems it would really alleviate the stress.

Deanna Beth said...

Or hang them lower so the empty space is above the rod. It will look like you did it for privacy without blocking all the light. But Beth's idea is probably more practical for your purposes.

Sarah Barry said...

i like that vintage fabric. glad y'all cooled things off.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Love your balcony with the shades, it looks great!

When we lived in Ohio in a flat with no a/c I learned a lot about managing sunlight!

Roxie Tenner said...

Curtains can be a lifesaver, especially in the face of climate. Though really not just curtains, so much as the set-up and layout an owner would settle with. A measured and learned planning is necessary to make the window design deliver.

Roxie @ Allure

Steve Walton said...

Well, those blinds certainly look grand. They complement the color palette of the house, too. Great choice! People should always take note of the house's general design when purchasing blinds. That way, it would not look out of place when you install them.

Steve Walton @ Blinds Shop Online

Shutters said...

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